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DHL opens e-commerce warehouse in Germany

DHL opens e-commerce warehouse in Germany
DHL opens e-commerce warehouse in Germany

Logistics giant DHL has commissioned its fourth e-commerce warehouse in Germany. The move is part of the company’s DHL fulfillment network (DFN). The DFN model was developed in Germany and has a global network of 30 locations around the world. 

E-commerce businesses with customers in Germany and Europe will be impressed by this new development. Running an online business is increasingly becoming demanding because customers want fast, efficient delivery.  

Situated in Euskirchen, the warehouse will pick up and store orders for businesses before shipping parcels in Germany and Europe.  The warehouse has a storage capacity of 60,000 square feet. 

DHL’s fulfillment network’s vice-president Andreas Bicking says all companies deserve first-class e-fulfillment. “Given the current growth in e-commerce, there is virtually no ceiling on the potential for our DHL Fulfillment Network. Our highly flexible infrastructure makes scaling and customizing to our customers’ specific needs an easy task,” says Bicking. 

DHL’s CEO for supply chain in Germany and the Alps Rainer Haag says this new warehouse will help grow the company’s e-commerce business.  “It’s not just a case of providing the standard service – from smart order picking and packaging in the warehouse to delivery and returns – but also offering tailor-made solutions with plenty of extras for our customers to choose. We are proud to be helping companies of all sizes to grow thanks to our DFN,” says Haag. 

DHL e-commerce integrations 

The company already benefits from existing infrastructure that connects e-commerce customers to various parcel service providers. It also has digital tools that assist e-commerce businesses in driving their business. E-commerce businesses can make use of web-based services that assist with online pickup requests and track shipments. 

In September 2023, DHL published its first Global Online Shopper survey. The survey addressed global markets within Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and China. The survey shows that 95% of online shoppers abandon a purchase if their preferred delivery option is not available. 

Sustainable delivery options 

The survey also shows that out-of-home delivery continues to grow. 75% of global shoppers and 72% of Europeans want the flexibility of ensuring their parcel is delivered to another safe place when they’re not at home. It even showed some customers are willing to pay more for delivery. DHL reports that 70% of customers see sustainable delivery options as important and 49% would even accept longer delivery times in this context, but only 28% would pay more. 

DHL has 1,400 warehouses and has a presence in over 55 countries and territories. 

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