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DHL opens first UK carbon-neutral facility

DHL opens first UK carbon-neutral facility
DHL opens first UK carbon-neutral facility

DHL Supply Chain has unveiled the latest addition to its logistics infrastructure: a multi-user facility in Coventry. This cutting-edge facility sets a new standard in sustainability within the industry, being powered exclusively by renewable electricity. This is the inaugural operationally carbon-neutral new build site within DHL’s extensive network across the UK.

The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) ‘Outstanding’ certified building boasts features tailored for sustainability and efficiency. An air source heat pump efficiently meets all heating and cooling needs for both warehouse and office spaces, delivering significant environmental benefits by reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 135 tonnes annually compared to traditional gas-powered systems. 

DHL’s efficient operations 

This new initiative forms part of the expansion of the DHL Fulfillment Network (DFN) in the UK. DHL Supply Chain aims to achieve operational carbon neutrality across all its warehouses by the end of 2025.

The facility also features a robust infrastructure of 3000 solar panels, integrated with a bespoke onsite battery storage system developed by DHL’s in-house digital manufacturing team, furnishes over 40% of the site’s electricity needs, markedly enhancing energy self-sufficiency. Smart load management strategies leverage stored electricity via the battery storage solution, optimizing peak demand periods to off-peak hours. 

Continuous monitoring and control are facilitated through a real-time Building Management System, ensuring the system operates at peak efficiency. Furthermore, the site accommodates 30 electric vehicle charging stations and exclusively employs all-electric material handling equipment, including a cutting-edge fully electric tug, underscoring DHL’s commitment to sustainable logistics practices.

Covering a massive 900,000 square feet, this site is tailored to meet the complex needs of retail and consumer brands with omnichannel requirements. Equipped with high-capacity racking, a pick-to-light system, and three levels of mezzanine flooring for lightweight goods, it ensures efficient operations. 

Autonomous cleaning robots 

Adding to its efficiency are autonomous cleaning robots, a mobile wrapping robot, and a dimension system that automates parcel and pallet measurements, facilitating faster categorization and sorting.

Natalie Frow, managing director e-commerce and retail, DHL Supply Chain UK & Ireland says: “As a warehouse that is fully powered by renewable electricity, our new Coventry operation sets the standard for the industry.” 

UK logistics market 

Research and Markets reports the UK freight and logistics market is estimated to achieve an annual compounded growth rate of 3.55% in the next five years. 

“The number of large warehouses in the United Kingdom is rapidly increasing. By 2027, there are expected to be around 214,000 warehouses larger than 50,000 square feet globally, up from 163,000 in 2021.” 

The report adds that many of these warehouses are to serve as e-commerce fulfillment centers, and approximately 18% of all warehouses will be for consumer fulfillment by 2027, rising from the 11% recorded in 2021. “This increase suggests the global expansion of e-commerce as the proportion of warehouses operating as trade distribution hubs begin to shift in favor of consumer fulfillment centers.”

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