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Easy parcel returns: A guide to using Uber Connect

Easy parcel returns: A guide to using Uber Connect
Easy parcel returns: A guide to using Uber Connect

Returns are unavoidable this time of the year and Uber Connect’s package return feature might come in handy after the December splurge. The feature was launched three years ago to take care of a much-avoided chore: returning parcels.

The service also aligns with today’s fast-paced logistics environment. According to the National Retail Federation, 79% of shoppers think parcel returns “are somewhat or very annoying.” 

The data shows that more than 40% of shoppers say they would rather sit in rush hour traffic than return a parcel, and 86% won’t even make an online purchase if the return policy isn’t clear. 

Benefits of using Uber Connect

Uber Connect’s ‘Return a Package’ feature reduces the delays when it comes to returning packages. Many of us have driven around with parcels in the trunk of our car for days because finding a convenient time to visit the post office is not always possible. 

Beyond returning a package, Connect is also a useful service for those times when you shopped for a friend’s birthday present at the very last minute and needed it delivered across town as soon as possible. 

Based on availability in your neighborhood, the entire process can usually be completed within an hour. 

How does Uber Connect work? 

Drivers can return up to five parcels at a time. From the ‘Package’ section under ‘Suggestions’ in the Uber app, simply select ‘Return a Package.’ Then add the address details and confirm the price. There is a flat fee of $5 and a more affordable option for Uber One members. 

Customers can also track their packages in real-time via the Uber app. The driver will send photo confirmation once the drop-off is completed. 

The service is available across 5,000 cities and major metro areas throughout the United States. Uber warns that availability may vary by location.  

In countries where the ‘Return a Package’ option isn’t available, users can still send or receive a package, or use ‘Store Pickup’ as long as the parcel collection doesn’t require an ID or credit card for pickup validation. The parcel must also not exceed a certain value (this differs from country to country,) and must weigh 15 kilograms or less. 

Uber Connect limitations

Uber says for parcel delivery by vehicle or scooter, the parcel cannot contain prohibited items, such as: 

  • Alcohol and tobacco.
  • Weapons and illegal or stolen goods. 
  • Narcotics, barbiturates, and other sedatives.
  • Flammable, poisonous or explosive items. 

The parcel must be securely sealed and ready for a curbside or door pickup. It must be able to fit within the trunk of a mid-sized vehicle. When choosing a scooter for delivery, the parcel must be able to fit in a backpack. 

In addition, the recipient must be available to meet the Uber driver at the door or curb. The parcel may be left at the recipient’s door, but then you’ll need to add delivery notes within the app, with detailed instructions. 

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