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Hong Kong in the spotlight to lead logistics into a new era 

Hong Kong in the spotlight to lead logistics into a new era
Hong Kong in the spotlight to lead logistics into a new era

Westwell, a global provider of autonomous driving solutions, is going international, picking Hong Kong, China, as its headquarters. This is where the heart of the research and development center will be based. Why Hong Kong? It is considered the “gateway to expand” the brand into a global business.  

Specializing in AI-powered vehicles for the logistics industry, Westwell is trying to position itself as the leading brand to transform the sector. With its HQ in Hong Kong, it expects to tap into the logistics needs of a broader Asia market and various governments.  

Hong Kong is almost like a “bridge,” says Kay Yang, the global strategic affairs vice president. She says: “[It] connects Mainland China and the rest of the world, whether in terms of trade, shipping or information exchange.” 

Attracting international customers

Hong Kong has a rich heritage with prominent global business centers and logistics hubs. It is seen by many in the industry as the ‘frontrunner’ in innovation and technology.  

The city hosts prestigious universities with a sharp focus on scientific research, which offers a diverse and skilled talent pool. This will benefit Westwell in grabbing fresh talent and innovators for its projects.  

During its launch this week, Westwell announced that the strategy is to “enable them to serve international users better” while also growing its global footprint. “We are confident in creating a strong international headquarters.” 

Over the next five years, the AI-powered business will be investing nearly $40 million into this project. Most of the money will be spent on Overseas Research and Development (R&D). This will also create impressive 500 job opportunities for the sector.  

It’s the year of the dragon, and Westwell believes the timing could not have been more precise. Hong Kong is a “strategic base” to align with what it calls the “golden age” of the country’s innovation and technology ecosystems.

Government’s support for a new logistics era

The government supports Westwell’s plan to go beyond its borders to present the country’s technology capabilities to the world. 

Professor Dong Sun, secretary for technology in the HKSAR government, says Westwell is “leading the rapid business growth.” He says the company will continue its “pragmatic approach to establish roots in Hong Kong” and can become the “leading company” in the near future.  

Kenny Tan, the founder of Westwell, says Hong Kong is the ideal place to reach the international logistics market. The government’s “robust support” is contributing to this view. He says the government has a “fresh thinking and industry-oriented approach.” 

The business sees it as an opportunity to leverage its advantages in “technology, talent, and market.” This will help to work with global users and ecosystem partners to drive development. 

Westwell hopes to be a key driver in propelling the global logistics industry “towards a future of smart and sustainable solutions.” This also fosters a “prosperity for global factors of production.”

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