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More executives leave Flexport while the company launches a new tool

More executives leave Flexport while the company launches a new tool
More executives leave Flexport while the company launches a new tool

Flexport’s former CEO Dave Clark’s seat is not cold yet, and more executives who previously worked with him at Amazon have left the American company. 

President and chief commercial officer Teresa Carlson has also packed up her things. She said on LinkedIn that Flexport allowed her to become a logistics and supply chain expert in record time. “I followed my heart to join this company to make a difference, including delivering humanitarian aid across the globe to those who urgently need it — this has been an extraordinary ride.”

It’s reported that human resource chief Darcie Henry has also resigned from Flexport. However, there is no formal confirmation from Henry, who also worked at Amazon for 23 years before joining Flexport, not even a year ago. 

At the weekend, Flexport founder Bryan Petersen tweeted on X, formerly Twitter, that the multi-billion dollar business is rescinding “a bunch of signed offer letters for people who were starting as soon as this Monday. I am deeply sorry to those people who were expecting to join our company and won’t be able to at this time.”

Old Amazon colleagues rally around the Clark slate

Jim Caggy, founder of OMEGA Pi and a former colleague of Carlson at Amazon, wrote: “All the best Teresa Carlson, it was really cool to see the direction Flexport was headed in until Ryan changed his mind. Nothing innovative has ever happened without taking risk and nurturing the invention, tinkering with it and improving it for 3-5 years. Too bad he gave up on the vision so quickly.” 

Rebecca Wetherly, a director at Amazon, has rallied behind Carlson, saying, “Teresa – you’re one of a kind and an inspirational leader. Onward!”

Flexport launches new tool

Amid the leadership infighting and public clean-up, Flexport launched a new tool, which it describes as “a self-service, AI-driven global trade solution for finance, freight, and fulfillment enabling the benefits of scale for everyone.”

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The new tool links entrepreneurs with supply chain services to help business owners sell in more places and automate the movement of their products. The supply chain management company explains in a statement that with the new tool, entrepreneurs can focus on driving sales at lower costs and make it easier to manage their supply chain.

“Global trade is as old as time, but for entrepreneurs, it hasn’t gotten any easier to move your goods from factory floor to customer door,” says Petersen. “I started my entrepreneurial journey selling scooters, so I know first-hand that entrepreneurs want to focus on innovating and selling their products everywhere their customers are instead of getting bogged down by the complexity that often comes with logistics. That’s why, today, I’m super proud that we’ve launched a new all-in-one, instant solution to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.”

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