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New tech service to help supply chain flow

New tech service to help supply chain flow
New tech service to help supply chain flow

Technology is changing the world faster than we know it. A new innovative solution that will help supply chain companies stay agile in today’s competitive business landscape is here. 

World-leading freight forwarding company Kuehne+Nagal is teaming up with tech-inspired company Capgemini for a first-of-its-kind project.  The partners will create an end-to-end supply chain orchestration service.

Supply chain disruptions are a problem for any logistics firm. This can include port congestion, delayed vessel sailing time, manufacturing issues or warehouse breakdowns. Supply chain disruptions have a big impact on businesses and communities. The Ukraine-Russia war had people holding their breath regarding vital grain exports. Let’s not forget the weather, which often affects the sailing times of vessels, and can delay a vessel calling at port – and the eager business people waiting to receive and offload cargo.  

Capgemini helps businesses unleash technology  

French-based Capgemini’s mission is to help companies transform and manage their business with the use of technology. The company has intelligent supply chain operations capabilities to deliver artificial intelligent enabled thinking, touchless operations and data-driven decision making. 

This new initiative will help companies improve their logistics operations in the following ways: 

• Seamless information flow and data exchange 

• Build a stronger supply chain and manage risks 

• Shorten cycle order times 

• Optimize inventory 

Supply chain disruptions affecting logistics 

These supply chain disruptions can lead to a shortage of goods that are crucial for companies to operate, and food shortages for communities. Imagine you are a global car manufacturer waiting on a delayed shipment so production can continue – this also affects the business’ downtime and operating costs.  

Capgemini’s CEO Oliver Pfeil says supply chain disruptions continue to pose new risks for businesses, and these businesses are increasingly looking for tech-backed, comprehensive solutions that will enable them to navigate supply chain disruptions and stay ahead of the curve. While Kuehne+Nagel management board member Gianfranco Sgoro says supply chain orchestration is a hot topic at the moment in the industry and in demand. 

US-based wealth management firm Plante Moran identified five key issues disrupting the supply chain in 2023. These are longer lead times and material shortages, increasing logistics costs, the changing and unpredictability of consumer demand, manufacturing constraints, environmental risks and natural disasters.  

Kuehne+Nagel has a global presence 

The company was founded in 1890 by August Kuehne and Friedrich Nagel as a freight forwarding company in Bremen, Germany. Kuehne+Nagel has evolved from a traditional shipping company in its early years to a global logistics corporation. The company has a global presence, offering logistics solutions for major industries. 

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