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Port of Tyne launches UK’s first site-wide private network

Two land crossings between Washington and Canada receive revamp
Two land crossings between Washington and Canada receive revamp

A leading trust port in the UK has gone live with 4G and 5G private network access, Port Technology International reports. 

Port of Tyne’s private network will cover the entire premises. This initiative makes the port UK’s first site-wide standalone connection with 4G and 5G. The latest development is in partnership with BT and Ericsson. The business also positions itself to incorporate 5G applications to cater to client requirements. 

The port is considered one of the country’s most innovative deep-sea ports, which handles cargo across five continents. 

Drive growth and innovation 

CEO of Port of Tyne says: “I believe that 5G is going to play a crucial role in helping Port of Tyne achieve our goals. We can streamline our operations, improve safety and sustainability, and drive growth and innovation throughout the entire maritime industry and beyond.”

The seamless connection will allow the port to link shipping companies, logistics providers, and regulatory bodies from around the globe. This will enable the port to work more together with stakeholders to address issues such as climate change and cybersecurity threats. 

The first round of live-use cases at the port will begin this month. This includes video and sensors installed at each gate, which will allow automatic number plate recognition. It will assist in the management of truck and vehicle access. 5 G-enabled cameras will provide a 360-degree view of the quayside. In addition, artificial intelligence (AI) software will provide automatic container inspection and identification.  

AI-driven software 

The first set of live-use cases will begin this month. This will include video and sensors installed at each gate on the site to use automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) to manage and track vehicle access securely. In addition, 5G-enabled cameras will be used for a 360-degree view at the quayside combined with AI-driven software to provide automated container inspection and identification.

Ashish Gupta, BT’s managing director for the corporate and public sector, says the port’s private network could be used for autonomous machines in dangerous environments and also allow new technology to be introduced to improve efficiencies at the ports. 

Earlier this year, Port of Tyne secured a £100 million refinancing package as part of its efforts in ‘green’ energy and smart logistics. 

UK logistics industry

Mordor Intelligence reports that the number of large warehouses in the UK is rapidly increasing. “By 2027, there are expected to be around 214,000 warehouses larger than 50,000 square feet globally, up from 163,000 in 2021,” reads the report. It adds that e-commerce is the main factor leading to the demand for transportation services in the UK. 

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