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SkyNet Worldwide Express reduces UK-to-Australia delivery time

SkyNet Worldwide Express reduces UK-to-Australia delivery time
SkyNet Worldwide Express reduces UK-to-Australia delivery time

A leading delivery service for Australian destinations has announced a 30%-40% reduction in delivery time from the UK to Australia. SkyNet Worldwide Express has optimized its connection mapping and logistics operations to make this happen. The new delivery time is 2-5 days instead of a 4-8 day window. 

SkyNet Worldwide Express, which is part of SkyNet International Holdings, is a pioneer in the courier and express logistics industry. The company offers domestic and international delivery services. It offers express service by air to more than 190+ countries around the world. 

Eliminate a time lag 

SkyNet Worldwide Express operations director Ed Clarke says with the service improvement, every connection is now made within four hours of arrival at a transit point, eliminating a time lag.

“As a result, goods ordered from Australia on Tuesday would typically be delivered on a Thursday or Friday. This attention to operational efficiency ensures that SkyNet can not only meet our Service Level Agreements but, more importantly, enables us to fulfill the promises that retailers make to their end consumers.”

The business serves both private customers and a range of business clients such as ASOS, Next, JD Sports, and the House of Fraser Group. By using five strategic Australian entry points, the company maximizes coverage and minimizes transit times. 

“We are now planning to adapt this efficient approach across all our major trading lanes. Being an independent company gives us the flexibility to choose from any commercial flight offering cargo, courier, or e-commerce services. This allows us to tailor our solutions to meet specific customer needs and create efficiencies where large consolidators would struggle,” says Clarke. 

E-commerce services 

The business ran trials throughout October to ensure alignment with airline schedules and delivery targets. Each stage of the delivery journey is traceable, and customers receive real-time updates. Customs clearance begins before items depart the UK, and clears in Australia within 2-4 hours of arrival.  

SkyNet Worldwide Express has a range of e-commerce services such as an e-commerce warehouse and fulfillment service. This allows e-commerce businesses to store their inventory and then SkyNet Worldwide Express fulfills the orders. 

These warehousing and fulfillment solutions are located either at the company’s branches or at its partner facilities, providing customers with all the management and reporting tools to manage their inventory. 

The company has a presence in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. 

Global express delivery market 

Mordor Intelligence reports the growth in the global express markets has been driven by strong domestic e-commerce sales. 

“Domestic markets have been growing more quickly than international markets in most regions, but the gap is narrowing significantly in some regions. The gap in the domestic and international markets is smaller in North America and Europe. In Europe, this is primarily due to the interconnectedness of the market and the lower barriers to international trade,” reads the report. 

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