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Sphere Drones’ HubT is simplifying drone usage across Australia

Sphere Drones' HubT is simplifying drone usage across Australia
Sphere Drones' HubT is simplifying drone usage across Australia

Sphere Drones in Australia has introduced a new solution through its HubT that can make it easier for businesses to use drones. With a user-friendly setup, the HubT allows companies to use drones from a fixed location.

The commercial use of drones is a huge asset for the Australian government, as it has significant economic, social, and environmental benefits. The government says the benefits are not only restricted to capital cities but also include rural areas in Australia. “This highlights the innovative nature of emerging aviation technology to end-user industries,” says the government. 

According to a Deloitte Access Economics report, Australia’s drone industry can potentially increase the country’s Gross Domestic Product by $14.5 billion by 2040.

Drone in a box

Sphere Drones wants to simplify and speed up businesses’ use of drones. CEO Paris Cockinos says operating beyond their immediate line of sight should not be difficult. 

“This new product comes ready to install, removing the hurdles that used to complicate fixed-location drone use and Drone-in-a-Box operations,” explains Cockinos. 

Many businesses would rather refrain from using drones due to the complexity and skills required to operate and set up the device. But Sphere Drones says it’s now easy and “quick” to install next to existing structures. It can adapt to any location, albeit a mine, agricultural land, or city. 

Mirage News reports that it’s set to improve operational efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. It also support multiple drones, and helps businesses save money.  

However, Australian clients show interest in commercial drone use and seem to have an international appetite. Cockinos says, “They are looking for reliable drone solutions for remote operations or are choosing Sphere Drones to handle their drone management.”

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Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Earlier this month, Sphere Drones received the green light to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). This momentous moment was a milestone for commercial drone deliveries. It was approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, specifically at a site near Wagga Wagga (NSW).  

This was a stepping stone to “accelerate commercial drone adoption by businesses across Australia.” However, the commercial use of drones in Australia is still far from reaching its full potential. 

Commercial drone usage in Australia is expected to expand to 60 million flights annually by 2043, according to Sphere Drones. 

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Photo credit: Sphere Drones

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