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UPS Healthcare expands Italy logistics operations

UPS Healthcare expands Italy logistics operations
UPS Healthcare expands Italy logistics operations

UPS Healthcare has unveiled a substantial expansion in Italy, incorporating two key locations – Passo Corese, near Rome, and Somaglia in Lodi. This development introduces an additional 100,000 square meters of warehouse capacity, significantly enhancing the company’s logistics capabilities. The company is investing $59.6 million for this initiative. 

This strategic investment is poised to elevate the quality of services offered to clients considerably, reinforcing UPS Healthcare’s commitment to excellence in supply chain solutions.

Enhance logistics capabilities 

The facilities at Passo Corese and Somaglia are rigorously aligned with Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), ensuring the highest safety standards for storing medical and pharmaceutical products. 

The Passo Corese site boasts cutting-edge automation, with over 80 robots that can navigate 12-meter high shelving systems, autonomously handling up to 25,000 crates. This enhances efficiency and accuracy in logistics operations. 

The Somaglia hub provides essential temperature-controlled environments, maintaining temperatures as low as -20°C. This feature is particularly crucial for the burgeoning pharmaceutical sector in Italy, ensuring optimal storage conditions for temperature-sensitive products.

Felipe Morgulis, president of UPS Healthcare, Europe, says: “These new facilities extend our cold chain capabilities and sustainable end-to-end solutions to support our customers, now and in the future. Most importantly, we can give patients peace of mind knowing that their critical healthcare treatments and devices are in safe hands.”

Digital solutions in logistics 

UPS has been making headlines in recent weeks. Last month company’s president, Bill Seaward recommended companies remain flexible, saying: “From using artificial intelligence (AI) to evolving trade lanes, companies must remain agile and offer flexible solutions.”

The logistics giant has just been awarded an air cargo transportation contract by the United States Postal Service. After a transition period, UPS will become the Postal Service’s primary air cargo provider and move most USPS air cargo in the US. 

The business is also bolstering its operations in the Philippines. It has partnered with the Luzon International Premiere Airport (LIPAD) to create a hub in the Philippines at Clark Airport (CRK) in Pampanga. This strategic move signifies UPS’s commitment to broadening its operations and aims to bolster its array of integrated express, supply chain, and healthcare logistics services.

AI in business 

Companies worldwide are realizing the benefits of AI. It’s not just logistics companies who are using this technology. Retail companies like Walmart are using AI to transform their customer service. 

A recent report by Economist Impact and DP World titled ‘Trade in Transition 2024’ has revealed that innovation and technology are key to a strong supply chain. “AI (artificial intelligence) and big-data analytics are perceived as game-changers in supply-chain management,” reads the report. 

A survey conducted shows that 45.1% of respondents report integrating AI and data analysis into their supply chains in 2023, while 26.7% report they already use these. 

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