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New from Uber Eats: You can now order from two stores at the same time

New from Uber Eats: You can now order from two stores at the same time
New from Uber Eats: You can now order from two stores at the same time

This one could settle a few family feuds on a Friday night. Uber Eats now allows customers to order from two restaurants simultaneously. It’s no longer forcing households to choose from only one store in order to save money on double delivery costs.

Customer experience improved

Uber Eats users can now use the ‘multi-store ordering’ feature, allowing customers to pick dishes from two restaurants, given that they are nearby, without paying an additional delivery fee. This also applies to convenience stores and liquor shops.

“Whether you’re looking to add gelato to your pizza order or you want Thai, but your spouse wants tacos. Now you can build the cart you want from multiple Uber Eats merchants you love and have all of your items delivered together,” Uber says in a statement.

Simple to use

Once the first order has been selected, a customer can simply click the “bundle another store” option. This will allow the user to add items from a second store and then head to checkout. 

There is only one catch. The app’s algorithm determines how near the second store should be to the first one. Factors it considers include the time of the day and if a driver is available. This will potentially make malls and shopping centers hot spots for drivers to stand iddle for orders during peak hours. 

This function is, however, only available in the US so far.

Saving money

Over the years, Uber has devised other initiatives to attract penny-savvy customers. 

‘Bill splitting’ is a feature that has been around for over a year. This allows customers to order in a group without only one person paying the bill. This feature enables individuals to order from the same restaurant but pay for their own items, just like in sit-down restaurants.

The ‘deadline’ feature makes hosting an event and using Uber Eats for catering purposes easier. This allows individuals part of a group to place their order in advance – up to seven days – to avoid long delays on the event day. 

Consider the environment

It’s obvious Uber Eats’ new feature is super convenient and budget-friendly. But a bonus is the gentler approach to the environment. Ordering from two restaurants in the same area, without any extra costs like in the past, will also save the driver additional time on the road – causing traffic and harmful emissions. 

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