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Payment simplified with Amazon’s ‘badge pay’ at hospitals

Payment simplified with Amazon’s ‘badge pay’ at hospitals
Payment simplified with Amazon’s ‘badge pay’ at hospitals

Healthcare workers have a lot to worry about, like saving lives. They should not be worried about how to pay for their meal at the canteen, during their short break between appointments. 

Amazon has introduced ‘badge pay’ to its Just Walk Out technology innovation. It removes the ‘friction for retailers’ while providing convenience for healthcare workers. 

What is ‘Just Walk Out’ technology 

Amazon has hit the nail on the head with its latest technology, solving a worldwide phenomenon. People don’t like to wait in line to pay for food; how much more in a hospital where lives are being saved each minute? 

“To remove this customer pain point, we leveraged technologies like computer vision, sensor fusion, and generative artificial intelligence (generative AI). Customers can grab what they need and leave the store knowing they will be automatically and accurately billed for their purchases,” reads the statement.

Amazon says it’s not only available for doctors, Just Walk Out technology has also been available to third-party retailers. These technology-enabled stores include campuses, theme parks, and cafes across Australia, the US, the UK, and Canada. 

Why expand to hospitals?

Batch Pay is new to Just Walk Out technology. Always on the run, in and out of the theater, healthcare workers can’t carry their wallets with them. When they have a few minutes to grab a bite, they might not even have enough time to catch their purse. 

Most cafeterias close at night, and getting food at odd hours when an operation is finally over is nearly impossible. 

“Just Walk Out technology with badge pay will provide healthcare employees 24/7 access to food and beverages while expanding the functionality of their employee badge beyond identification and building access to payments linked to payroll,” says Amazon.

Credit: St. Josephs/ Candler

How it works

According to Amazon, healthcare workers can link their employee badges with their payroll deduct account. Thus, doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff can enter their Just Walk Out technology store by scanning their badges at the entry pedestal. 

They can leave without waiting to pay once they’ve collected what they need. 

It also makes it convenient for the hospital, with no need to employ cashiers to work after hours. 

“The purchase amount will be automatically deducted from their payroll deduct account. Employees can look up the receipt and account balance in their hospital’s badge pay web portal or mobile app,” explains Amazon.

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