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AI shaping this year’s Black Friday shopping experience

AI shaping this year’s Black Friday shopping experience
AI shaping this year’s Black Friday shopping experience

A recent study released by Shopify proves shoppers are counting on artificial intelligence (AI) to help them get better deals and customer satisfaction this year.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday becoming more popular, given the current financial climate, families are shopping with AI assistance to get the best value for their money. 

According to a recent study, nearly 70% of 12,000 customers who participated in a survey say AI will make it easier to discover new brands and products. Even more people (74%) think AI will help them find deals and special offers. 

Two months ago, Shopify launched Sidekick. Sidekick can even answer questions like why specific product sales have declined. It can also suggest which items should go on sale and at what price.

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“Shopify harnesses the power of AI to revolutionize entrepreneurship,” says Miqdad Jaffer, director of products at Shopify. “By integrating AI across our platform, we aim to simplify business complexities to help our merchants scale their businesses.”

Big spenders

Nearly 40% of the participants say they are more likely to buy from brands that “embed technology into the shopping experience.” At the same time, one in five people say they are more likely to be loyal to pro-technology brands. 

It has been found that shoppers who are more likely to spend more money during Black Friday and Cyber Monday are those who use technology during their shopping experience. 

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Another research found that Gen Z (young people in their twenties) are likelier to spend the same or more this festive shopping season. Many say that shoppers start roaming the web and shopping for gifts in October.

Tech trends

Shopify says, “Shoppers reward retailers that create tech-driven shopping experiences. More than that, retailers who don’t offer new technologies to their customers will fall behind.” 

Customers planning to spend more than $1,200 this Black Friday and Cyber Monday are twice as likely to use spatial commerce, virtual assistants, and augmented reality as well as virtual reality. 

Retailers are not shying away from customers’ technology demands. 75% of retailers surveyed say they are investing in more technology to help them capitalize on this pre-Christmas holiday shopping. 

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