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Alexa, find my deals! How to maximize Amazon Prime Day savings

Alexa, find my deals! How to maximize Amazon Prime Day savings
Alexa, find my deals! How to maximize Amazon Prime Day savings

In less than three weeks, Amazon’s Prime Day is expected to unlock cash-strapped consumers’ wallets in Australia. From Apple watches to Samsung plasma TVs to small Australian businesses, the long weekend sale, which starts on 16 July and ends on Sunday, 21 July, is expected to provide a massive financial boost.

Prime members get exclusive access

Amazon Prime members will have exclusive access to millions of deals, including significant discounts on expensive brands like Apple, Bonds, Lego, Meta, and The North Face. The large retailer says in a statement that small and medium-sized Australian-owned businesses will also feature in the sales event

How to save money this Prime Day

Customers must be Amazon Prime members to participate in the massive sales for the savings to be activated. The first month is free, but after 30 days, customers start paying AU$9.99 per month.

Downloading the Amazon app allows customers to be notified when their preferred items go on sale, making it easier to avoid missing out on deals. 

However, for those who are busy all day at work, there is an option to pre-select items and form an Amazon Wish List. You can also turn on deal notifications to be notified when a product from the Wishlist goes on sale. 

But for those online shoppers who still don’t have the time to get organized with a Wish List, Alexa can put an extra hand in to help. With the help of Alexa, shoppers can create and add a shopping list by using the following words: “Alexa, start a Prime Day list.”

Using the command voice application, Alexa can also snoop for specific deals. “Alexa, what are my deals?” will activate Alexa to load the cart, track your deliveries, and ensure you don’t miss the delivery dates. 

Supporting small businesses this Prime Day

According to the Australian Banking Association (ABA), of the 2.6 million businesses in Australia, the majority (98%) are small and medium enterprises. The number of micro-businesses grew 10% between June 2021 to June 2022.

Many of these small businesses make a living by selling online on Amazon. “The many small businesses selling and thriving in Amazon’s store are at the heart of their local communities across Australia and the backbone of our economy,” says the giant retailer

This year’s Prime Day includes small business products in its deal offerings. “There’s no better time than Prime Day to support small businesses,” Amazon encourages. 

Members can visit the website and select the Small Business section to consciously support small businesses this Prime Day.  

Photo credit: Amazon.com

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