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Walmart modernizes 117 stores

Walmart modernizes 117 stores
Walmart modernizes 117 stores

Walmart will today launch the largest number of stores revamped and revealed in a single day in the company’s history. The modernization costs the business more than half a billion dollars in capital investment. The giant retailer has plans to invest more than $9 billion over the next two years to upgrade and modernize more than 1,400 stores across the US. 

CEO John Furner says these developments will be a massive investment to communities. Walmart is a popular retailer in America, with most citizens living about 10miles (16km) from a store. “These construction investments allow us to create more local jobs and make it easier for our associates to get customers what they want when they want it,” says the CEO. 

Upgraded Walmart features

Walmart has gone all out with its new, fresh design, including improved layouts, expanded product selections, and innovative technology. The technology aims to improve customer support and make the shopping experience more convenient. 

Modernized changes have also been made to accommodate the blending of in-store and online shopping. 

  • New signage: This allows customers to have easier navigation while shopping in-store and using the Walmart App.
  • Larger online grocery pickup and delivery areas: There is a growing demand for online shopping and quick pickups. 
  • Digital touchpoints: New touchpoints throughout the store help communicate the products and services offered online through QR codes and digital screens.

“Walmart’s Pickup option has become a favorite among busy shoppers. It provides the convenience of online shopping and allows them to quickly collect their groceries without stepping out of their vehicles,” says the company. 

Using AI to navigate through Walmart

Walmart will soon have an artificial intelligence-powered inventory management system. This will allow it to position products according to customer demand. It’s patent-pending for now but is expected to be just in time for the holiday season when shopping kicks into high gear. 

“For example, our AI can recognize a top-selling toy in a particular region and automatically send more items to those stores. And if a toy is selling better in the Midwest compared to the East Coast, we can reposition inventory to that area of the country,” boasts Walmart.

This year, over 15% of stores will receive merchandise from automated distribution centers. This will help to get items off trucks and onto the sales floor faster and more efficiently. 

“These centers play a pivotal role in stocking our stores while making it easier for associates to unload trucks and sorting products for hours. Instead, they can simply bring department-ready pallets directly to the sales floor, accelerating how quickly we can deliver products to stores and customers,” says the company. 

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