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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

Don’t cut off your customer: Boost sales with route optimization

Don’t cut off your customer: Boost sales with route optimization
Don’t cut off your customer: Boost sales with route optimization

Imagine this: You are a popular store with a high volume of deliveries. You are managing your store on your fossil Excel spreadsheets. Your store cuts off its delivery order time at 2pm daily, even on weekends.  You’re losing out on some valuable sales for the remainder of the day. Your customers have even expressed their dissatisfaction that your order cut-off is too early. 

You could just see your revenue jump up a bit. For example, you could put out another three to four hours’ worth of orders. The extra cash you’re making could be used to re-invest in your business

Here why your store may be cutting off delivery time:  

  • Your current route planner is not working for you.
  • Drivers are choosing routes they know, but not necessarily the fastest.
  • Your shop can’t keep up with manual orders.  
  • Spreadsheet work is outdated and time consuming. 
  • You have never used optimization tools. 

By using Locate2u to manage your deliveries, your company won’t need to put a cut off time on delivery. Using route optimization allows your store to get orders out fast. The driver is given the best route to deliver orders. 

Route optimization doesn’t just give you the best route. It considers the time of day, weather hazards, roadblocks, and more. 

Deliver goods fast 

Your competitors are using route optimization tools, and they may just be ahead of you in sales. They are ahead in sales not because their product is better, but because they don’t have a cut off on delivery. 

Your delivery cut offs are forcing customers to shop somewhere else – stop that! Turn to route optimization that can assist you to get all your orders delivered fast. 

When your customers place an order, they are in control. They can view the live tracking of the delivery and follow the order’s path, and when it will arrive at their doorstep.

Route optimization = Happy drivers 

Your company’s drivers are frustrated because they are forever staring at bumper-to-bumper traffic, taking the longest routes, and not actually delivering items in the correct order. Route optimization will allow your driver to bypass high traffic zones, especially in peak hours when a customer has a craving! 

Your drivers will thank you for the route optimization software. They spend hours on the road getting valuable products to customers. Tell your drivers to throw away the Excel spreadsheets and outdated town maps, it’s time to start using route optimization software.

Global software market 

Allied Market Research reports with the surge in adoption of online cab bookings in several developing and developed regions, the market is expected to witness significant growth in future. “The global route optimization software market is expected to witness significant growth, owing to a surge in information and computer technology (ICT) expenditure by enterprises for optimized product and service deliveries in various developed and developing countries.”

Route optimization in action 

There may be some Australians and even some of their South African mates looking at route optimization tools to get their all-important biltong fix delivered to their door. 

With the right food delivery management software, like Locate2u for instance you won’t have to have a ‘cut-off’ time for your daily deliveries. The software is designed to automate deliveries and optimize routes. South Africans and some Australian mates are impatient blokes – they need their beer and biltong faster than you can say ‘sport’. 

Straits Research points out some factors surrounding the market.

  • Logistics companies increasingly use route optimization.  
  • Online shopping to bolster market growth. 

Locate2u route optimization helps save time

Route optimization allows you to cut out traffic by choosing the shortest route, considers weather hazards, and ensures your delivery driver delivers that biltong in good time. Route optimization gives you a delivery sequence so you can assist customers to have a great experience – and quench those cravings! 

Here’s why you need route optimization in your business. 

  • Improve your customer’s experience. 
  • Improve your company’s productivity. 
  • Create optimal routes for your deliveries. 
  • Lower operational costs. 
  • Better driver management 

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