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How Auto Transport Companies Uses A Route Planner For Their Business

Auto Transport Companies
Auto Transport Companies

A route planner, like Locate2u, is helpful not only for local delivery drivers but also for companies like A1 Auto Transport which deliver vehicles all around the world.

Today we’ll go into who is A1AutoTransport, how they use route planners, and how it’s affected them in the transport industry.

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Who is A1 Auto Transport?

A1 Auto Transport is a great example of a non-traditional user of a route planner, but it goes to show how flexible route planning can be. A1 Auto is a leading USA-based transport company that has been in the business for 30 years.

With Joe Webster and Tony Taylor at the helm of operations, their goal is to become the largest transport company in the world. So far, they’re one of the leading operators in the USA and continue to grow every year.

With that in mind, efficiency is their main goal as is with most businesses. When vehicles are transported, they are often driven by carriers hauling up to 10-12 different vehicles. When the vehicles are all being dropped off at the same location, it’s an easy route, but what about when they have 12 different vehicles that need to be driven around the entire United States?

Well, you use a route planner for that, to make it a much more efficient drive. With this in mind, we’ll go into detail below about how a route planner can help not only A1 Auto but any transportation service out there.

How Route Planners are Used By Transport Companies


While not all transport services offer vehicle tracking, it is becoming a new trend for tracking to be offered. It can be many days (and even weeks) before you get your vehicle, and the anxiety of not knowing where it is can be a great burden for some.

Thankfully, route planners not only help you plan routes, but it helps give tracking and even notifications when the vehicle is close for arrival.

Worker Tracking

A route planner also helps you track the delivery drivers as well, so you know they’re staying on the route that was planned and not veering off, or missing important deliveries. You can even go back in time to see where they were at any given time, making it easy to keep track of even large fleets that are transporting vehicles daily.

You can also account for the speed of your delivery drivers, which will help keep an eye out on who is breaking the law and who isn’t. A speedy driver is an accident waiting to happen, and with loads in the millions at times, it’s better not to take any risks. 

Booking tracking

Route planning is not only about the most efficient route to take, but it’s also great at keeping records. You’ll have all of your bookings in one place, and it will also help you sort any of your billing requirements.

With cost estimations for car transportation services always varying, it can keep track of the integrated API and always adjust the prices of the vehicles you’re transporting. 


The most important part about a route planner is how efficiently it can make a transport service. Instead of wasting time on inefficient routes, a route planner will guide you throughout the country to all destinations required.

Efficiency is important, as often there are delays when it comes to car shipping and many angry customers. The less time it takes for drivers to deliver, the happier the customers and the more money that is being made for the company.

Easy connecting

An API like Locate2U offers, allows you to integrate your CRM with Locate2U fairly easily. You can even hire developers to come up with new and intuitive ways to help cut down on time wasted during transportation and even more.


Efficiency is at the core of route planners, offering optimal routes that save time and resources. This is particularly crucial in the transport of multiple vehicles to diverse locations, where planning becomes complex. The streamlined approach not only minimizes delays but also contributes to customer satisfaction, a vital aspect for companies dealing with high-value assets like vehicles.

Route planners also play a pivotal role in record-keeping, centralizing bookings and facilitating billing requirements. This organizational feature enhances overall management and accountability within the company. Furthermore, the incorporation of API, such as Locate2U’s, allows for seamless integration with existing systems like CRM, offering additional avenues for innovation and time-saving solutions.

As A1 Auto Transport strives to become a global leader in the transport industry, the utilization of route planners underscores their commitment to efficiency, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence. The adaptability of route planning technology showcased by A1 Auto Transport serves as an inspiring model for transportation services worldwide, demonstrating how a non-traditional approach can yield significant benefits in the ever-evolving landscape of logistics and delivery.

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