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Route optimization: When Cloud means business

How cloud technology improves route optimization and fleet management
How cloud technology improves route optimization and fleet management
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Let’s face it: everything is done smarter and faster these days – from smartphones controlling your lightbulbs to food delivery straight to your door. And guess what? The world of route planning is not far behind. Thanks to cloud technology, businesses big and small can work smarter and faster to improve service delivery.

The Cloud revolution

You’ve probably heard how cloud computing is revolutionizing the mobile and ICT sectors, but now it’s making waves in route planning as well. Gone are the days of bulky, redundant software slowed down by endless updates and storage restrictions. 

With the cloud, it’s smooth sailing from the get-go, providing not only flexibility but security, peace of mind, and efficiency, too. Think of the cloud as a virtual filing corner on the internet where you can store all your fleet management data safely, securely, and easily accessible when you need it. 

A competitive edge

A recent in-depth research report on global route optimization and planning software by Industry Research highlights the competitive patterns within the industry. The data reveals a transformative shift in the market with cloud-based solutions leading this change.

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The research team predicts fiercer competition as the industry continues to grow between 2023 and 2028. This makes the move to cloud-based solutions not just an operational advantage but a competitive necessity. 

As the route planning industry continues to boom, prominent industry players such as Descartes, BluJay, and Manhattan Associates are all hopping on the cloud bandwagon.

Flexibility and efficiency

In addition to staying a step ahead of competitors, adopting cloud-based solutions would also benefit retail and logistics companies where demand fluctuates. Cloud-based solutions provide the flexibility to easily adjust usage based on demand, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming installations. 

A cloud-based approach would greatly benefit businesses aiming to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency.

Secure your data

Security is all the rage these days, and with reason. In a world where data breaches make headlines, keeping your information safe is a big deal. The good news? Cloud-based route planning comes with top-notch security features while still allowing you to access your data anytime, anywhere. 

Going with a reputable cloud solution means your software is consistently monitored and safeguarded against security threats and vulnerabilities. Managing performance upgrades will become a thing of the past since you will have access to your routing software and its various security patches. 

So how does all of this work? 

The first step is to install a telematic device with GPS capabilities to collect information – everything from where the vehicles are to how fast they’re going. Once the information is collected in the cloud by means of wireless communication technologies, the data gives you a comprehensive overview of the fleet’s performance in real-time. 

The data can be accessed via cloud-based applications and can improve fleet efficiency by getting ahead of preventative maintenance schedules, and monitoring driver performance. In the long run, the data can assist in reducing fuel consumption and costs, improve customer service and satisfaction, while also taking the worry out of storing your data. 

Cloud case study: ‘Route4Me’

Route4Me, a company born out of the everyday frustration of navigating the complex streets of New York, has taken a giant leap by moving its core routing optimization operations to Google Cloud

Co-founder and CEO of Route4Me, Dan Khasis, says the transition to Google Cloud also brought an unexpected financial boost, with his company saving five times in infrastructure costs. 

They also reported a 90% savings in running virtual machine instances. The cost-saving – coupled with leveraging Google’s encryption technology – enabled Route4Me to expand into new sectors such as the medical industry. 

The next step, Khasis says in an interview with Google, was deploying autonomous and drone vehicles, “as well as decentralized edge computing deployments.”

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