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Amazon beefs up AI game with $4 billion investment in startup Anthropic

Amazon beefs up AI game with $4 billion investment in startup Anthropic
Amazon beefs up AI game with $4 billion investment in startup Anthropic

Amazon investing $4 billion in Anthropic will give it a minority stake in the start-up. According to Reuters, the immediate investment is $1.25 billion, after which either Amazon or Anthropic can demand or release the remaining $2.75 billion in funding. According to reports, Anthropic can now use Amazon Web Services data centers and “AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips to build, train and deploy its models.”

It must be clarified when the startup will request a new valuation round following this significant deal. 

That’s part of the deal

The two companies have set a target to develop reliable and high-performing foundation models in the industry. “Our frontier safety research and products, together with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) expertise in running secure, reliable infrastructure, will make Anthropic’s safe and steerable AI widely accessible to AWS customers,” Anthropic says.

“AWS will become Anthropic’s primary cloud provider for mission-critical workloads, providing our team with access to leading compute infrastructure in the form of AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips, which will be used in addition to existing solutions for model training and deployment. We’ll combine our expertise to collaborate on developing future Trainium and Inferentia technology.”

Anthropic is also expanding its support of Amazon Bedrock. “This will include secure model customization and fine-tuning on the service to enable enterprises to optimize Claude’s performance with their expert knowledge while limiting the potential for harmful outcomes.”

Amazon developers and engineers can build on top of the models via Amazon Bedrock. “This will enable them to incorporate generative AI capabilities into their work, enhance existing applications, and create net-new customer experiences across Amazon’s businesses.”

Many enterprises from various industries are already building with Anthropic models on Amazon Bedrock. “LexisNexis Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of information and analytics, uses a custom, fine-tuned Claude 2 model to deliver conversational search, insightful summarization, and intelligent legal drafting capabilities via the company’s new Lexis+ AI solution. Premier asset management firm Bridgewater Associates is developing an investment analyst assistant powered by Claude 2 to generate elaborate charts, compute financial indicators, and create results summaries.”

The commitment from both parties

Anthropic and Amazon are equally severe and geared toward safe training and deploying advanced foundation models. “Amazon is an industry leader in cloud security and, as part of this agreement, is committed to promoting and implementing safety best practices on Amazon Bedrock to ensure the responsible use of our products and services,” explains Anthropic. 

The two companies advocate for responsible development and deployment of AI technologies, including the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI).

In July, both companies independently supported a set of voluntary safety commitments led by the White House to ensure that the future of transformative AI is guided by safety, security, and trust.

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Training these models requires extensive resources, including computer power and research programs. 

Training state-of-the-art models requires extensive resources, including computing power and research programs. Amazon’s investment will ensure Anthropic can advance the frontier of AI safety and research. “We look forward to working closely with Amazon to responsibly scale adoption of Claude and deliver safe AI cloud technologies to organizations worldwide.”

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