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Delivery startup Gently has plans to expand with force by 2024

Delivery startup Gently has plans to expand with force by 2024
Delivery startup Gently has plans to expand with force by 2024

There is nothing gentle about Gently’s approach to increasing its last-mile logistics innovations to more US cities next year. It recently appointed several new key roles to bolster the company’s strategy to achieve its goals.

The Santa Monica-based startup started in April and operates in the greater Los Angeles area in the US. It plans to rapidly expand to Northern and Southern California by the end of the year. The aim is to expand to major US cities by 2024.

New leadership

Gently has made the following appointments.

Michelle Saks: Chief operating officer

Peter Yang: Senior vice president of business development

Ted Kalmbach: Senior vice president of strategy and partnerships

Frank Gambish: Senior vice president of logistics

“Our team represents the best in the business across logistics, sales, and operations. They share our vision to make same-day delivery achievable and accessible to all US brands and retailers,” says Gently co-founder Elian Pres-Gurwits. “Same day (delivery) should be a standard, not a premium. By owning and cutting the last mile, we can optimize the most expensive part of logistics.”

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AI-powered logistics

Speaking to Los Angeles Business Journal, Pres-Gurwits says Gently will use predictive analytics and subscription histories to stock its smaller ‘nanofulfillment centers’ in communities. The startup won’t use product stock in one location but instead, take the products closer to the customers. This also helps to create a more efficient supply chain.

The AI-powered logistics firm is still in its baby shoes with just seven months’ experience. With technology, Gently offers retailers a choice of how to deliver their products. According to ReboticsTomorrow, it enables retailers to use Gently’s sales data to improve their businesses instead of sacrificing it at the risk of it being used against them. Predictive machine learning obtains data from consumers, retailers, and third parties to predict where there is a greater demand and a shortage of supply.


A month after Gently launched, the AI-powered logistics company partnered with bamboo-made paper products company Cloud Paper. It will deliver Cloud Paper products all over Los Angeles.

Tori Kiss, Cloud Paper’s vice president of operations, says: “At Cloud Paper, we look for ways to make our supply chain more efficient and sustainable wherever possible. Gently’s innovative approach to last-mile delivery is a win-win for Cloud Paper and our customers, and we are excited to be an early partner.”

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