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Android gets the Google treatment in new redesign

Google is making a subtle but noteworthy change to its mobile operating system, Android. 
Google is making a subtle but noteworthy change to its mobile operating system, Android. 

Google is making a subtle but noteworthy change to its mobile operating system, Android. 

The tech giant is shifting from the all-lowercase ‘android’ to ‘Android’ with a capital ‘A’. Additionally, Google is giving the iconic bugdroid logo a 3D look.

Quintessential Google

The redesigned logo incorporates elements from Google’s Material Design language. Now, it fits into the family just a bit better. Accompanying this change is a refresh of the logo’s typeface – it now more closely resembles Google’s typeface. 

However, this rebranding is less groundbreaking than the one in 2019 when Google abandoned dessert-themed names like KitKat or Lollipop in favor of version numbers for major updates. Back then, Google revealed 2.5 billion Android devices were in circulation. With the latest announcement, that number has grown to three billion.

Jason Fournier, director of Android consumer brand management, said in a blog post, “We believe our brand system and how we present Android to the world should mirror Android’s core principles of openness, iteration, and inclusivity. This update to our visual identity better represents our Android community and injects an element of fun into the mix.”

A new look for Android

In addition to the textual adjustments, Google is also enhancing the bugdroid logo by transforming it into a three-dimensional avatar. This change aims to facilitate a smoother transition between the digital and real-life environments.

Google has confirmed that the updated branding and the new 3D logo will begin appearing on Android devices and various platforms throughout the year. As a bonus, the company has scheduled an event on October 4 to unveil the Pixel 8 series, where the refreshed branding is expected to debut.

Industry experts weigh in

Louis Petrides, CMO at Locate2u sees this alignment of the logo with the Google Pixel and Google apps ecosystem as a positive step. “As an avid Google supporter, I appreciate the effort to align the Android logo with the Google Pixel and Google apps ecosystem.”

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However, he also notes that this move has a more strategic implication, potentially making users of other Android-based brands, such as Samsung, feel like they are using imitations. According to Petrides, Google is pushing for broader adoption of Pixel devices, stating, “They’re going after everyone to adopt Pixel.”

Petrides sees the revamped, colorful character as a versatile asset. “The redesigned colorful Android character can now be used in multiple ways now which also mirrors the inclusivity branding trend seen in companies like HubSpot, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft,” he said.

He also envisions the Android character seamlessly integrating with AI, possibly leading to the emergence of a new AI guide akin to ‘Bard.’

On the topic of timing, Petrides appreciates the company’s strategy of holding off on a major Android update until the release of the Pixel 8, which he mentioned was inadvertently leaked by Google. 

It’s worth noting that Petrides would have gone for a different design. “Personally, I don’t like the 3D design and they should have gone down a more artistic route like Salesforce that won’t look dated in two years though,” he commented.

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