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Apple iPhone 15 deliveries pushing into November

Apple's newly unveiled iPhone 15 Pro Max is experiencing delayed deliveries due to significant demand for the company’s latest flagship.

Apple’s newly unveiled iPhone 15 Pro Max is experiencing delayed deliveries due to significant demand for the company’s latest flagship. According to Bloomberg, some configurations are slated to arrive in late November.

iPhone 15 Pro Max making waves

Last week, Apple unwrapped four iPhone 15 models. These, along with the new range of accessories, went on pre-order on September 15 across the globe. 

As soon as pre-orders opened, the Pro Max variant, starting at $1,199, saw its expected delivery date pushed from September 22 to as late as mid-November in the United States.

The blue and black iPhone Pro Max models are expected to ship as late as October 16, while the natural and white versions face delays until November 13. 

This is true for all iPhone 15 Pro Max’s storage capacities. It features a revamped camera and a larger screen. 

Apple’s not immune to delivery challenges

In the tech sector, shipment delays typically serve as a barometer for gauging the popularity of a new iPhone model among Apple analysts, investors, and enthusiasts. 

However, it’s worth noting that supply chain disruptions, inventory management, and logistical challenges can also influence delivery timelines alongside actual demand. That means the delays occurring now suggest strong interest in the new phones.

China, Canada, Australia, UK among those affected

In China, delivery estimations for iPhone 15 Pro Max models have been pushed to November, while the standard Pro version faces three to four weeks wait times. China’s Meituan platform, which connects with a network of Apple resellers, recorded a staggering $27.5 million in iPhone orders within the first half-hour of pre-orders.

Canadians will wait six to seven weeks for the Pro Max, while Australia, Japan, the UK, India, Canada, France, and Germany are experiencing delays of up to eight weeks for the natural titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max. These delays may continue to extend as more pre-orders roll in.

Even buyers of the standard Pro, with its smaller screen, face delays in various colors and storage capacities. 

Mainly home deliveries

These delayed delivery times primarily affect home deliveries, so potential buyers might have better luck finding stock at physical stores. 

Some of Apple’s roughly 270 retail locations in the US still offer earlier in-store pickup dates. Notably, the iPhone 15 Pro Max in natural titanium is the most sought-after variant, with the most limited availability in stores and online.

The most recent data suggests buyers in the US could only see their Pro Max devices between October 17 and November 14, 2023.

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