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Electric cars backlog reportedly cleared

Electric cars backlog reportedly cleared
Electric cars backlog reportedly cleared

Affordable electric vehicles are now accessible in Australia after reports that Chinese automotive brands like MG, BYD, and GWM Haval have increased production. This means the showrooms will soon be flooded with new models. 

Drive reports that MG, BYD, and GWM Haval have recently received large shipments of electric vehicles ready to be purchased. It’s also alleged that the supply of these models currently exceeds customer demand. 

The waiting period for these cars has always been longer than usual, with the demand and supply not matching up. But now there won’t be long queues, as there is almost no waiting time for these cheaper models in the market. 

A primary metropolitan dealer who wants to stay anonymous has told Drive that they are finding themselves with more electric cars than there are customers. He says during the COVID-19 pandemic, customers battled to adjust to long waiting periods for electric vehicles, but now they need to get used to having access immediately.

The hype about electric vehicles

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries says one in six vehicles delivered in August was an electric or hybrid vehicle. 

The Australian Financial Review reports that the largest selling fully battery electric vehicle in August in Australia was the Tesla Model Y. The MG ZS was another favorite, although only a few of these models are fully electrical. 

Growing popularity

Australian roads have seen a massive influx of electric vehicles; the figure almost doubled in 2022. The Guardian reports that the number of electric cars has increased to 83,000 from 44,000 in just one year. This figure could climb with more affordable electric vehicles now available in showrooms. Last year, only 3.8% of all new cars sold were electric. 

The government’s Australian Electric Vehicle Market Study Report indicates that EVs are expected to match the uptake of petrol vehicles. 

EV’s policies in Australia

In April, the government tabled a National Electric Vehicle Strategy with concerns over Australia being one of the only advanced economies without a Fuel Efficiency Standard. New cars in Australia use 40% more fuel than the European Union on average, 20% more than the US, and 15% more than New Zealand.

With strategies to support the uptake of EVs, many other things also need to fall into place. Battery recycling, better infrastructure planning, and training for emergency services workers are just a few of the things the government has reviewed. “Critically, this transition will bring new skills and employment opportunities for Australians,” reads the report

Cleaner spaces

Transport makes up 19% of Australia’s emissions. The government says passenger cars and light commercial vehicles alone account for 60% of the country’s transport emissions and 10% of Australia’s total emissions. 

This sector is projected to be the country’s largest source of emissions by 2030 if something drastic doesn’t happen.

Reducing transport emissions should be a top priority if the world wants to achieve its net zero ambitions. 

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Mia is a multi-award-winning journalist. She has more than 14 years of experience in mainstream media. She's covered many historic moments that happened in Africa and internationally. She has a strong focus on human interest stories, to bring her readers and viewers closer to the topics at hand.

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