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Electric trucks 2023 and beyond 

Electric trucks 2023 and beyond 
Electric trucks 2023 and beyond 

Companies worldwide are going from fuel-powered trucks to the sustainable option of electric trucks. Companies like Volvo, MAN Trucks Bus have been hard at work towards this goal. 

Electric trucks are powered by batteries, which are rechargeable. Companies are increasingly using short-haul trucks because these use less power. 

In 2023, Volvo Trucks received the ‘Truck of the Year 2024’ with the Volvo FH Electric. Chairman, International Truck of the Year Gianenrico Griffini says, “With the introduction of the FH Electric, Volvo Trucks has delivered a state-of-the-art battery electric vehicle range, suitable for a wide array of transport operations. It is proof that the energy transition is gaining strength even in today’s challenging business environment.” 

Nearly 1.4 million Volvo FH models have been sold worldwide. The company’s electric truck started in 2019. 

Electric truck subscription 

There is another reason truck companies are moving to sustainable operations – cost. Besides the alternative to fuel, companies have been concerned about the cost of revving up an electric fleet. Truck manufacturers Mack Trucks moved to solve this by offering customers a monthly subscription and a pay-as-you-go mileage program on medium-duty electric trucks. 

In another similar move, trucking company Scania and tech company Sennder Technologies are partnering for a pay-per-use trucking model. Together the companies formed JUNA aimed at electric truck solutions across Europe. 

In September, Daimler Truck, in collaboration with its Japanese subsidiary, Mitsubishi Fuso Bus, and Truck, delivered the initial batch of approximately 900 Fuso Next Generation eCanter electric trucks to the Japanese delivery company Yamoto Transport.

Charge time 

There is another side to the electric truck revolution, and that is the issue of charging. Imagine you are a customer waiting for a delivery and the goods do not arrive on time due to wasting time at the charging points. If you are an electric truck company, your fuel-powered competitors can fill up and go – they are faster on the road than you are. Will the electric truck still win in the long run? 

Global electric truck market

Allied Market Research reports the global electric truck market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 26.4% – this is quite substantial. “Reduction in the emission of harmful gases from vehicles is observed as demand for green transport increases worldwide, especially in the freight transportation industry, which contributes highly to carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, replacing commercial diesel vehicles with electric vehicles and supportive government initiatives for adopting electric trucks are anticipated to boost the electric truck market.”

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