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Leaked: Tesla Cybertruck design and features revealed

Leaked: Tesla Cybertruck design and features revealed
Leaked: Tesla Cybertruck design and features revealed

Sneak pictures of the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck surfaced on social media just days before the vehicle’s official US launch. 

The social media leak only heightened the buzz ahead of the Cybertruck’s launch on November 30, 2023. To up the ante, a competitor has stepped into the scene as well – Aitexk’s RobotTruck 1T. 

Cybertruck’s leaked images

An X (formerly known as Twitter) user shared images of the futuristic truck’s interior design. YYDS claims these images were taken from Chinese social media sites. 

While the authenticity of the images could not be verified, the features shown in the photos correspond with known details of Tesla’s Cybertruck, such as the rectangular steering wheel, Tesla-stamped airbag cover, and the large touchscreen. 

The seats may or may not offer heating and ventilation – speculation abounds but if the rumors are true, this feature could add a touch of luxury to the otherwise rugged pickup truck. 

Users on X also questioned the windscreen wiper placement – positioned next to the A-pillar as opposed to underneath the bonnet line. This raises concerns about practicality; some netizens are curious about how the truck would operate in snowy conditions. 

Production timeline

Elon Musk estimates Tesla will produce approximately 250,000 Cybertrucks a year by 2024. He also underscores the difficulty in ramping up the production of such a unique vehicle, stating it’s an endeavor to not just invent the car, but the way to manufacture it.

After several delays, with the production date pushed back almost two years, the first deliveries will roll out at the end of this month. The delivery date will coincide with the official release of the Cybertruck’s exact specifications and pricing.

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A (worthy?) competitor

During Tesla’s 2023 Q3 Quarterly Update, Musk said a competitor would have to come up with “something radical and innovative, something really special […] which is hard to copy.” 

Then, Aitexk’s RoboTruck 1T entered the stage. Aitexk is a new player in the automotive industry. While they don’t have the same footprint as Tesla, they are determined to leave a mark. 

Watch: Aitexk RoboTruck 1T concept

The RoboTruck T2 was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Featuring the same angular design as the Cybertruck, RoboTruck 1T boasts distinctive features and capabilities, including: 

  • A 550-mile range (compared to Tesla’s purported 500-mile range). 
  • The 6.1-foot bed length can be expanded to 11.5-feet by removing the back seat and opening the tailgate. 

The truck will be ready for a production launch in 2026, at a much lower price point than the Tesla Cybertruck – $45,000 with a premium option starting at $99,000.

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