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MWC 2024 highlights: AI wearables, EVs, and more 

MWC 2024 highlights: AI wearables, EVs, and more 
MWC 2024 highlights: AI wearables, EVs, and more 

This year’s popular Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024) has seen groundbreaking technological improvements, from EVs with tensile strength doubling industry standards to wearable AI pins for voice commands.

Every year, tens of thousands of tech enthusiasts, industry trailblazers, and global companies convene in Barcelona for MWC 2024. True to form, several groundbreaking announcements were made. 

MWC 2024 announcements

MWC is organized courtesy of the GSM Association. The annual gathering is attended by everyone from device manufacturers and telecom companies to EV carmakers and network equipment providers. 

Apart from the annual flagship event in Barcelona, MWC trade shows are also held in China (MWC Shanghai), in Africa (MWC Kigali), and in the United States (MWC Las Vegas).

This year’s Barcelona event showcased a future where tech seamlessly integrates into all aspects of our lives.

Xiaomi SU7 EV: 

Xiaomi’s SU7 EV sedan merges style with electric performance. The car runs on Xiaomi’s HyperOS software and has been under development for three years.

It’s groundbreaking in the EV sector, boasting 27,200 RPM, 425kW output, and 635N·m peak torque. Its tensile strength (the amount of force it can withstand) is twice that of the current industry standard. 

The SU7 also has Xiaomi’s proprietary CTB Integrated Battery Technology, meaning it can go approximately 800 kilometers (500 miles) on a full charge. And thanks to its 101kWh battery pack, it can charge for a 220 km range in just five minutes. 

Some of the other features showcased at MWC 2024 include: 

  • E-Motor tech. 
  • Smart Cabin.
  • Xiaomi Die Casting.
  • Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving.

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Humane’s AI companion

Humane’s wearable AI pin is a clip-on genius capable of answering questions and responding to voice commands. It can also “turn your palm into a screen” by projecting images onto your hand. 

The tiny square-shaped computer attaches to your clothing with a magnet, ready to serve as your always-on digital assistant. According to Bethany Bongiorno, CEO and co-founder of Humane, the device will help users “live more in the moment.”

Going beyond just answering questions and doing currency conversions, the AI pin boasts an impressive translation feature, capable of speaking and understanding 50 languages. The pin automatically adjusts based on the language it detects. 

Bongiorno explains: “If I land in Tokyo, it would know I’m in Tokyo and set the default language to Japanese. But if someone came up to me and started speaking in Spanish, it would be able to detect that they’re speaking Spanish, and speak to me in English.”

Samsung’s Smart Ring at MWC 2024

Samsung showed off its Galaxy Ring, bringing wellness right to your finger[tips]. The company’s focus has recently shifted to wellness, with VP Hon Pak saying the Samsung Health division now boasts 64 million active users per month. 

CNet’s Katie Collins was among the few attendees allowed to try on an early version of the Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024. The ring is available in nine sizes, with the smallest weighing only 2.3 grams, and the largest weighing 2.9 grams.

Collins says the ring has “an array of sensors on the inside rim, three of which were arranged in a series of raised bumps.” The ring is capable of sleep and cycle tracking and supports four different metrics: 

  • Heart rate. 
  • Sleep latency. 
  • Respiratory rate. 
  • Night movement. 

Fintech Innovation by eQub

eQub, an Ethiopian fintech company, won this year’s 4YFN 2024 startup event. The company’s business development lead, Nahom Michael, said eQub aims to digitize Africa’s peer-to-peer credit lending landscape. 

Alexander Hizkias, CEO and co-founder, says winning the 4YFN 2024 startup event will help with “fundraising [and] collaboration efforts as the conference brings in industry veterans, investors, and fellow startups.” 

The eQub app is designed to target Ethiopians with bank accounts and mobile phones with limited credit access. This service enables users with a bank account to add money without going to an ATM. Users can also build credit with eQub’s points system. 

It’s a popular financing modality used across many African countries, operating on rotating savings and credit association principles. 

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