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Ofi warehouse the first to ‘exclusively use renewable energy’

Ofi warehouse the first to ‘exclusively use renewable energy’
Ofi warehouse the first to ‘exclusively use renewable energy’

Electricity congestion in Amsterdam’s port makes expanding the energy grid in this area extremely difficult. Port Amsterdam says the only option to bridge this is for companies to share their green energy. It’s a no-brainer when companies like Olam Food Ingredients (ofi) propose a plan to turn its Amsterdam warehouse operation into solar-powered electricity. 

Ofi has converted its cocoa bean warehouse terminal at the port in the Netherlands to green energy. The partnership with Commodity Centre Group (CCG) will contribute significantly to the grid. 

Chris Beetge, ofi president in Europe, says they want to “drive decarbonization across our cocoa value chain.” His goal is to make ofi’s customers happy and contribute to the “national climate agendas of the Netherlands and the EU.”

Ofi’s and CCG’s solar panels

When you glance at the ofi warehouse, you would be forgiven if you thought it was just another corrugated roof. But in fact, 7,000 solar panels are directed to the sky installed by CCG. It takes up no space and bothers no one while reducing an estimated “1,350 tonnes of CO2 per year.” 

To put this impressive accomplishment in perspective, ofi compares this to 67,500 trees absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. As a result, ofi hopes to get recognition for its green efforts, becoming certified carbon-neutral. 

Key points from ofi’s solar panels project

Ofi’s warehouse in Amsterdam is a critical part of the company’s infrastructure. It helps to deliver high-quality cocoa beans and supply them to companies worldwide. 

Inside the warehouse, it uses a conveyor belt system, where the cocoa is placed on one of the 110 pens, creating “bulk micro-lots” managed by CCG. “Not only does this enable greater segregation of beans to preserve their flavor, but it also helps maintain quality and traceability,” ofi has found. 

It’s believed that this is the only system that exists internationally. To make this system even more impressive, it now has a solar installation, which turns it into a warehouse that exclusively uses renewable energy.

CCG’s mission to greener logistics

Commodity Centre Group handles everything from supply chain management to logistics and, like the case of ofi, warehouse solutions. It includes the logistics, handling, storage, and distribution. 

It has over 30 years of experience in the sector, which has enabled them to develop innovative ideas. Using technology to help companies make sustainable and informative decisions helps minimize environmental harm. 

CCG’s CEO Alec Gunn says the partnership with ofi for the last 35 years has been bolstered by their latest solar-powered warehouse. He has described it as a “shining example of our continued commitment to incorporating sustainable solutions within our operations.”

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