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RoboShuttle: Geek+ unveils 40-foot-high warehouse robot

RoboShuttle: Geek+ unveils 40-foot-high warehouse robot
RoboShuttle: Geek+ unveils 40-foot-high warehouse robot

Geek+, a trailblazer in the logistics automation sector, showcased its RoboShuttle at the leading trade fair, CeMAT Asia, last week. Standing at 40 feet, this is the tallest Mobile Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) on the market.

RoboShuttle was designed to navigate the towering aisles of modern warehouses, and is already being used in North America and Asia. 

Meet RobotShuttle

Geek+ founder and CEO Yong Zheng says RoboShuttle is versatile and offers retailers diverse warehouse automation options.

The mobile robot stands out due to its integration capabilities. Zheng notes that its ability to combine different systems provides customers with tailored automation solutions.

“We offer our customers the best choice of systems and they can create their own solution using our various modules. That’s what makes Geek+ unique, and it’s what has enabled us to consistently lead the global market for the past five years,” says Zheng.

Zheng says the towering robot excels in automated tote-and-case retrieval. It is able to work alongside its other robotic counterparts, especially the Geek+ Shelf-To-Person system. This hybrid approach caters to diverse storage needs and accommodates items of various sizes.

Precision meets practicality

The RoboShuttle’s operation is a ballet of precision. Using suction cups, it carefully stores and retrieves each item. In tall warehouses where every inch counts, this robot is more than just a marvel of engineering – it’s also a practical solution for maximizing space.

Its functionality streamlines warehouse operations, eliminating the need for traditional multi-zone processes and enhancing efficiency.

Geek+ says: “It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in. Our Shelf-to-Person solutions can be customized to fit your warehouse in time for Peak. 3PL (third-party logistics), retail, e-commerce, small startups to large-scale distribution centers, wholesale, retail, and more.”

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RoboShuttle’s DHL partnership

Geek+ has partnered with DHL’s Asia Pacific Innovation Center in Singapore. The project aims to accelerate innovation and educate supply chain leaders on the opportunities that come with robotics automation.

DHL’s innovation manager YingChuan Huang says the RoboShuttle is the perfect showcase of the next level of automation in supply chain management. “AI, computer visioning and robotics not only converges, but also builds off the strengths of each technology to provide even greater value to our customers’ supply chains,” Huang explains. 

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