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Robotics giants unite to boost Australia’s tech future 

Robotics giants unite to boost Australia's tech future 
Robotics giants unite to boost Australia's tech future 

Australian robotics heavyweights have vowed to support smaller companies to help the industry “grow and scale.”  A partnership between three big companies, Cicada Innovations, Ai Group, and Robotics Australia Group, has set the tone for more groundbreaking innovation in this industry. 

Dubbed the Robotics Growth Partnership (RGP), the trio is optimistic about the newly released national strategy. This means more opportunities for commercialization, scaling, and adoption of robotics in Australia. 

Australian robotics future

The partnership has been widely welcomed in the industry. The sector is worth more than $18 billion. It comprises more than 1,000 companies with robotics capability, employing more than 50,000 people.

Innes Willox, CEO of Ai Group, warns that every business in the country will be affected by “digitization, decarbonization, and diversification transitions.” Willox says that with robotics support, it will be easier to adjust. 

“Ai Group is committed to assisting industry with this transition and is partnering with Cicada Innovations and Robotics Australia because of their ability to provide solutions that result in real and lasting capability transformations,” says Willox.

How will RGP help small businesses? It has the potential to help companies expand their network and grow their export capabilities. It can also connect robotics companies with innovative local businesses that may become potential customers. 

Growing green businesses

Australia’s robotics industry is expected to receive a much-needed boost. Sally-Ann Williams, CEO of Cicada Innovations, says the company’s past work includes robotic systems that enable operations in hazardous conditions to reduce human risk. It also offers a greener approach to solving problems while lowering carbon emissions

Robotics Australia Group is also seeing green opportunities. CEO Nicci Rossouw says Australia’s first national strategy is released at the perfect time to grow and support “innovation and adoption.” 

Speeding up service delivery

Not only is it propelling the industry to a new level, but it’s also set to solve another problem: Australians are facing labor and housing shortages. Rossouw says now is the time to “urgently look towards technologies like robotics to support humans in finding solutions.”

There are also concerns over the “aging population [and] increasingly unpredictable impacts from climate change.”

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