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Uber Freight unveils next-gen product roadmap with AI-powered logistics

Uber Freight unveils next-gen product roadmap with AI-powered logistics
Uber Freight unveils next-gen product roadmap with AI-powered logistics

Uber Freight has announced it’s releasing the next generation of products that integrates Uber’s technology development capabilities, including AI-powered software. 

In an increasingly complex logistics landscape, Uber Freight has built a new logistics company offering end-to-end enterprise applications and services for the industry. 

Uber Freight CEO Lior Ron told over 300 of the world’s largest shippers at its annual Deliver conference that the last few years have been transformative for his business. “The focus on driving new enterprise solutions underpins our commitment to our strategic customer base and the industry at large as we drive to be the most comprehensive partner to advance logistics networks.”

Investment in technology

Uber Freight is introducing a significant update to its Transportation Management System (TMS), the first of its kind since it was first launched by Transplace in 2005.

The Uber Freight TMS helps with complex logistics operations across modes and regions, including shippers. This comprehensive upgrade improves visibility, foresight, and control while expanding global shipment visibility across various rail, ocean, and air modes.

“When you have a supply chain that’s expansive and complex as ours, cutting-edge technology isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s essential,” says Randy Cooper, director of Transportation. “Our partnership with Uber Freight’s managed transportation and innovative technology has become our secret sauce as we serve our customers.”

Bringing machine learning to shippers

Uber Freight is unveiling Insights AI, a powerful generative AI-powered insights tool that will transform decision-making in logistics. It’s also aimed at supporting transportation teams from granular, tactical views to more complex, strategic analyses. “Insights AI will leverage LLMs to generate and surface insights from Uber Freight’s vast store of transportation data for customers,” a statement reads. 

Uber Freight hopes to lead the industry with artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive scale network optimization and service improvements. This would work well with the several new models rolled out recently, including a sophisticated ETA model, which, combined with Uber Freight’s Probability of Late Arrival (PLA) model, helps drive automated ‘self-healing’ workflows to improve shipper service.

Uber Freight’s rapid expansion

The company now boasts six cross-border locations between the US and Mexico. It also has over 1,000 team members throughout the region. Over the last two years, Uber Freight has expanded its connected network of shippers and carriers to a point where it has over two million registered drivers since the company was founded. 

It managed to advance its sustainability impact with an estimated 2.4 million empty miles eliminated from its network since 2022.

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