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UK to get autonomous vehicle bill

UK to get autonomous vehicle bill
UK to get autonomous vehicle bill

An autonomous vehicle bill has been outlined in the King’s Speech. The government says this could see the UK become a global leader in the sector. 

A briefing document of the King’s Speech says the Automated Vehicle Bill will unleash a transport revolution by enabling safe autonomous driven vehicles. “It will cement the UK’s position as a global leader in this high-tech and high-growth industry, and deliver one of the world’s most comprehensive legal frameworks for self-driving vehicles, with safety at its core.” 

In April 2022, The Guardian reported the UK government would allow self-driven cars as long as drivers watch the road. 

Making transport safer 

Now, the King’s Speech emphasizes that the Autonomous Vehicle Bill will be one of the most comprehensive legal frameworks for self-driving vehicles. 

In addition, the bill sees the potential for growth in the sector which will allow the creation of a UK market of up to £42 billion ($52 billion). Another side to this is the creation of 38,000 skilled jobs by 2035. 

“Self-driving vehicles will make transport safer, more convenient and more accessible, improving the lives of millions of people. With 88 percent of accidents currently involving human error, the potential for automated vehicles to reduce costs, injuries, and fatalities is enormous. They will empower people across the country to get around more easily, including to school or work which will boost productivity.”

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Economic value to the UK 

Among its objectives, the Bill holds companies firmly accountable once vehicles are on the roads. It will also set the threshold for self-driving vehicles in law. “Only vehicles that can drive themselves safely and can follow all road traffic rules without the need for a human to monitor or control the vehicle to maintain that level of safety will be classified as self-driving and allowed on our roads. The Department for Transport and its agencies will be given new powers to authorize these vehicles and ensure in-use compliance with the safety standards that we will set.” 

The King’s Speech outlined key economic factors to the creation of the Bill. The autonomous vehicle market in the UK’s estimated value is £41.7 billion  ($52 billion)in 2035. The UK can capture a significant share of this. 

Lucrative market in Europe

According to a Grand View Research report, self-drive cars are a key innovation in the automotive industry with high growth potential, and act as a catalyst in the technological development of automobiles. “Europe is expected to emerge as a potentially lucrative market for adopting autonomous cars due to the growing consumer preference for using technologically advanced products. In addition to this, the government is taking various initiatives to enhance autonomous vehicles.” 

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