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US transportation innovator launches capsule system for freight express 

US transportation innovator launches capsule system for freight express
US transportation innovator launches capsule system for freight express

California-based HyperloopTT has unveiled its transportation capsule system for express freight. 

The new capsule system is called HyperloopTT Express Freight. It is designed to load cargo quickly while maximizing freight volumes inside the capsule. It features staggered doors that will allow goods to be loaded and unloaded simultaneously. 

HyperloopTT is a leading transport and technology licensing company. It was founded in 2013 by Dirk Ahlborn. He previously started a crowdfunding site called JumpStarter Inc. The inspiration behind HyperloopTT was to create transportation systems to transport passengers and freight fast. 

In May 2023, HyperloopTT and its partners were awarded an $844m tender to build the first commercial hyperloop in Italy, with European Union Next Generation EU funding.

Automated loading system 

The company has a global team of more than 800 engineers, creatives, and technologists in 52 multidisciplinary teams, with 50 corporate and university partners. 

CEO Andrés de León says the capsule system will fundamentally transform how goods are transported globally. He adds that this new standard will enable greater efficiency, sustainability, and flexibility in supply chains worldwide. “By incorporating key innovations like fast automated loading systems, maximized freight capacity, and flexible configurations, we have developed a hyperloop design optimized for transporting freight at unprecedented speeds at cheaper rates than currently offered by air and road,” he says.

In addition, freight volume is maximized inside the capsule. This is done by lowering the floor to fit standard air cargo containers, and adding a pocket door between structural ribs for more internal space, while also using a hyperloop load device. 

Tangerine has an express freight solution 

The design of the capsule system is in collaboration with London-based design consultancy Tangerine. The company has 34 years of experience in the design field. It has worked with brands such as Apple, LG, British Airways, Huawei, and Toyota. The company also holds the 2019 Queen’s Award for International Trade. 

CEO Matt Round says what the company has designed is a solution for express freight. “Our research made it clear that every creative thought we had, and every design decision we made should contribute to reducing the time it takes to move freight from dispatch to delivery. Our solution is a melange of creative leaps and strict mathematical calculations,” he says. 

US freight and logistics market 

The US has one of the most developed logistics markets worldwide with technological implementations in freight fleets. 

Business Market Insights reports with favorable government policies to boost innovation and reinforce infrastructure capabilities, North America has the highest acceptance and development rate of emerging technologies. “The region’s high internet penetration drives the demand for the online retail and e-commerce industry, propelling the requirement for express delivery,” reads the report. 

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