Volvo Trucks North America has revealed its latest innovation: the Volvo Connect fleet management portal. Unveiled during the American Trucking Associations’ 2023 management conference & exhibition in Texas, it provides trucking operators with comprehensive insights into their vehicles and drivers.

This service is a centralized hub for fleet managers. Volvo Connect offers seamless access to the company’s digital services, detailed analytics, and reports on vital metrics. Fleet managers can monitor key parameters such as fuel consumption, idle time, vehicle speed, location, and seat belt usage, all through an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

Volvo’s always looking

Volvo Trucks CEO Peter Voorhoeve highlights the impact of connected vehicle technology, likening today’s connected trucks to “iPhones with wheels.” 

Through the service, fleet managers gain real-time visibility into the status of all Volvo trucks in their fleet equipped with a factory-installed 4G telematics gateway. This transparency allows for proactive management of maintenance and repairs through its diagnostics service, which monitors fault codes to ensure timely interventions.

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Moreover, the platform provides access to Volvo Remote Programming, enabling fleets to monitor over-the-air software updates for peak truck performance. 

The service offers detailed reporting to aid fleet managers in effectively utilizing this wealth of data, empowering them to analyze trends and optimize their trucks’ and drivers’ efficiency and compliance.

Future connectivity

The company has announced that the 2025 model-year Volvo trucks will come with two years of free access to the service. 

For existing 2018 and newer Volvo models, customers will enjoy complimentary access to the service for the first six months. After these periods, a subscription will be required, ensuring continued access to this indispensable tool.

It’s not immediately clear what the service costs, and operators should enquire directly with Volvo Trucks North America. 

Meet the SuperTruck 2

In addition to its portal, Volvo unveiled the SuperTruck 2, a cutting-edge concept vehicle funded by the US energy department.

This ‘laboratory on wheels’ achieved a remarkable 134% increase in freight efficiency compared to a 2009 baseline. This is thanks to aerodynamics, weight reduction, and other efficiency enhancements. Elements of SuperTruck 2’s design will be integrated into future production models.

It also revealed that 11 additional Volvo dealership locations in the United States and Canada have completed the necessary training and upgrades to become certified electric vehicle dealerships. 

This expanded support network, comprises 47 certified dealership locations across 22 states and three Canadian provinces.

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