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Profitable business ideas to start this Diwali

profitable business for Diwali
profitable business for Diwali

Diwali is the festival of light, celebrated by millions of people across the globe. People light candles, lamps, and diva lamps for everyone in their house. It symbolises the victory of good over evil and light over darkness.

People do a lot of shopping as buying new things during this festival is considered good. They visit their family and friends and exchange gifts with each other. 

During this festival, people come up with many different new small business ideas as the sales are high and so are the profit margins. It is a great opportunity to earn money during this festival.

Online Business Ideas with Low-Investment

Starting a business can always be personally and financially rewarding. You always need a solid business plan and a marketing and customer support team.

Here are some low-cost, successful business ideas that will increase your profit margins this festival season.

Home Cleaning Services

home cleaning service business

Demand for house help or cleaning services increases during the festival season. A lot of people look for affordable options to get their bathrooms, sofas, and carpets cleaned, along with full-home cleaning and kitchen cleaning.

Cleaning is a time-consuming task, and there are so many things that need to be done that there is no time to clean. Therefore, the home cleaning business is in high demand as it is not only time-saving but also cost-efficient.

The pandemic has reshaped the entire service market as it has accelerated the demand for on-demand home delivery services. Recent analysis shows that there is a 25% rise in the home services business.

You can start by launching a home cleaning service app where you can provide consumers with a wide variety of services and home cleaners, and a mobile app also helps in reaching a wider audience.

You can easily book appointments and assign jobs to cleaners through the admin panel of the software. The real-time tracking functionality helps the consumers and admin to track the agents and send notifications of their time of arrival.

The cost of building an on-demand home cleaning app is around 4000-5000 rupees.

Gift Delivery Business

Diwali celebrations are always incomplete without exchanging gifts with your friends and relatives. A wide variety of gifting options are available in the market for your loved ones, and also, corporate gifting is at its peak during this time.

People look for easy accessibility options like buying online and getting them delivered to their homes to avoid traffic congestion.

Though the gifting option may sound uninitiated and a little offbeat, as there are already so many players like fnp.com, etc., doing the same business.

The major problems that customers face with them are that they do not provide a large variety of gifts and that they mostly have standard gifts with no customisation.

To start your own gift delivery business, there are only a few essential items that are required, like a customer app to let the customers select and book orders, a driver app to track the drivers in real-time; and an admin panel to optimise the routes of your drivers.

For people who already have their gift shop, it is advisable to create a delivery app to boost their sales by delivering orders to customers’ doorsteps.

On-Demand Home Beauty Services

Diwali is just around the corner, and who doesn’t want to look good? According to a recent study, during this festive season, the demand for salon services will increase, and people will have larger-than-life celebrations.

The last two years have been very devastating, and low-key celebrations were observed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It profoundly affected the lives of the people and how they celebrated the festivals.

home beauty service business

Undoubtedly, the beauty and wellness industry grows at an exponential level during the festive seasons. Men and women both spend 5% of their salary on-demand for beauty services.

Starting your own home beauty business is no longer a big deal, especially in today’s technological world. 

Technology is always there to assist and support your business needs, like booking an online appointment, selecting and scheduling the appointment, assigning jobs to the agent, and maintaining and managing the daily revenue of your business.

Key points for a successful home-beauty business are maintaining quality service, price rate, personal attention, no late arrivals, etc. 

Rental Service App

While people are getting their homes and offices deep cleaned, they discover so many things that they do not require for some time and want to rent for some time. 

Multiple buyers are ready to rent high-end products at a low price as everyone cannot afford to buy costly items, but they are unaware of the platforms from where they can upload items and the buyer can rent them.

To improve their search and rent products online, you can easily create an application that is straightforward for the customers. 

The rental business has always been around for a long time. The Diwali season gives a boost to this market as new-age dreamers do not want to make a one-time investment but want to have multiple items at the same price.

Launching your own Rental service business with a foolproof plan to compete with existing players. Develop your rental service app and quickly start their promotion. Select the categories you want to list first, like electronics, clothes, party supplies, furniture, etc.

Choose the right solution provider company to create your rental service app that can provide you with a customer and driver delivery app.

Event Management

As the popularity of events and get-togethers increases in the festival season, so does the need for event organisers. The event management business could be about planning Diwali parties, organising large events, etc. The event management business is booming, along with a lot of business opportunities.

Wondering how to start a business? Start by hiring skilled professionals who can help you with arranging creative and unique theme visits. Outline the budget plan for things like venue rental, food stall arrangement, decorative material costs, music, etc.

The major challenge faced in the event planning business is to track your on-field executives. Technology plays an important role in overcoming these challenges by buying a tracking app that will track your field executives and also assign them tasks daily.

Social Media Marketing

The Pandemic played a major role in lowering festival vibes for the last 2 years. This year, Diwali will be special. As per the recent update,  60% of Indians are planning to start new businesses. Shopping and gifting are a large part of the festivities among the people.

Almost every small and large business gears up with a Diwali marketing plan. They plan to spend money on marketing by hiring social media influencers and professionals to do creative marketing for their business.

Social media marketers focus on generating a buzz about their client’s brands and boosting their businesses by generating 2x the leads. Marketers are also aware of the fact that brand promotion can also be done by running exclusive offers and deals campaigns to attract a huge chunk of new customers during the festive season.

If you are a fresher and planning where to start your social media marketing freelancer journey, then there are a lot of online courses available online that you can check on YouTube, Hubspot, etc. Learn about how to be more creative while creating social media posts and also about the strategies to drive more traffic to the client’s website. Social media freelancers get paid around Rs 50,000 to Rs 70,000 per month. 

Real estate consultant

It has been observed that the demand for real estate businesses grows during Diwali. As per the recent report captured by the Economic Times, there will be a 50% increase in real estate queries compared to last year. A lot of people walked in last year and booked their dream homes.

Though this industry is already flooded with a lot of established and renowned consultants, there is still ample opportunity for newcomers. It is one of the most booming industries in India this year.

To start with your real estate journey, you need to choose your domain first, like commercial brokerage or residential brokerage. Once you have selected your domain, you need to register yourself under RERA to obtain your license. After you have received your licence and GST number, do some market research and then create a solid business plan that outlines the areas you want to target. Also, start expanding your network. 

Once your consulting business starts flourishing, you can hire a few field executives to support your business and start tracking them through GPS tracking software. Later on, you can also use this software to market your small business online.


It is anticipated that the growth of the consumer services industry will increase by 20–25% this Diwali season. It is a great opportunity to earn huge profits this festive season with a minimal budget. The demand for online services will also rise during this period due to the marketing effort and large spending on promotion and advertising. All the delivery businesses will benefit by offering a wide variety of services at an exclusive price.

The on-demand service market will also see an increase in demand due to 

  1. Easy accessibility at customers’ doors-step

On-demand services have become a blessing for individuals as all tasks can be executed with the push of a button. A technology-driven world where you can avail of any service easily at your doorstep has become a perfect solution for the hectic lifestyles of individuals. 

  1. The ability to compare different agencies 

Modern businesses are replacing traditional businesses faster than anticipated. On-demand services have increased competition in the market, especially in the online market for businesses like consultations, home services, etc. People can easily compare different companies before making their final decision.

  1. Seamless interaction with agents through software

Online platform services reduce the gap between agents and customers. The software has turned into an ideal solution for modern businesses. The agents can easily send real-time notifications and messages to their customers, while customers can easily track their agents in real-time, thus, increasing customer satisfaction.

  1. A huge amount of money is spent on marketing activities.

Target marketing has become a new tool to reach wider audiences. Nowadays, every small business owner needs to plan their marketing budget to run campaigns to boost their daily sales.

The size and growth of the on-demand services clearly show that the customers are attracted by convenience and comfort and other benefits they get, like easy price comparison, a large variety of services, etc.

happy diwali by locate2u

Most of the lucrative business ideas listed above are low-cost business ideas, and with the power of Locate2u technology, you can easily resolve issues like tracking your team, assigning their daily tasks, and also maintaining records of their earnings.

Learn more about Locate2u tracking technology.

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