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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

Learn How ViralBrainz Tracked Their Field Employees

viral brainz logo
viral brainz logo

About the Company

Misa Viralbrainz Private Limited is a digital marketing agency that has become one of the leading marketing agencies in the region. It offers services like creating brand identity, marketing communications, market analytics, business optimization and lead generation in the digital space.

Apart from digital marketing, they have multiple business verticals like event management, FMCG, Transport and logistics. Aims at helping brands stand out amongst their competitors by deriving brand objectiveness and ROI.

digital marketing agency

Challenges that necessitated a change

As ViralBrainz had different businesses, they faced a major problem in their event management vertical were:

  1. Track employee attendance
  2. Movement of their on-field employees
  3. Track start and stop points

These were the challenging issue that they wanted to streamline by using fleet tracking software. 

Locate2u Solution

locate2u live tracking location

ViralBrainz was introduced to Locate2u – fleet tracking software to fulfil all these requirements. Locate2u helped them by providing features like:

Real-time tracking  

With the help of the real-time tracking feature on the Locate2u dashboard ViralBrainz was able to track the exact locations of their on-field employees in real-time with the help of the map view present on the dashboard along with a complete street view used more efficiently.

They were also able to view the active and idle status of the employees thus enhancing their capacity utilisation.

Optimised Routes

To plan and schedule daily activities of the team, ViralBrainz started using the route optimisation functionality of Locate2u software to automate and optimise the tasks and only to assign the members who match the specific skill type and are present on that particular day. Now they can easily track their employees’ attendance and schedule more tasks on a daily basis. This helped in positively increasing their productivity.

Driver App

Managing multiple tasks in one go was a complex task for the team. Now they could view their jobs for the day along with the complete route and order of stops so that they know the most efficient route to travel, job completion order and to change the status of each stop automatically. ViralBrainz team manages multiple tasks with greater efficiency and reduces manual effort to a great extent.

Locate2u has proved to be extremely successful for ViralBrainz’s event management business by solving all their problems like task allocation, work assignment, attendance tracking and its accompanying widgets. It has helped them save money, increase productivity and maintain control of their staff.

Try Locate2u for your business today to build your success story.

About the author

Marketing Coordinator at Locate2u having completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in English Literature and Creative Writing. I have extensive experience in editing and proofreading, as well as creating content for a range of audiences.

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