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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

Advanced booking management for cleaning services

Advanced booking management for cleaning services
Advanced booking management for cleaning services

Managing jobs can be especially difficult and time consuming, which is why advanced booking management for cleaning services is the ultimate solution.

Automating your entire process is a step in the right direction towards increasing your business’ efficiency, meeting customer satisfaction and maintaining a healthy customer retention. 

Read along to learn about how a revolutionary software solution will aid with enhancing your cleaning service business.

What is booking management?

Booking management is the process of keeping track of your business’s upcoming appointments, and availability for future tasks. This can be done manually or through online booking systems.

Nowadays, most booking management is done through service software, giving you more agency over the process. 

Through online services (using a website or app) a cleaning business can add new appointments, modify service scheduling and routes, and manage their calendar with much more efficiency.

How can booking management be optimized?

Benefits go beyond that of having an organized calendar.

Modern software solutions that assist with booking management give your business increased control over: scheduling, payments, invoices, and creates a more efficient operations process. 

Having a dynamic online booking system means you can access your calendar and schedule anytime, through a desktop website or even mobile app. You can check on the live status of an online booking and manage your fleet.

Cleaning services
Cleaning services

What steps does scheduling software entail?

Using a scheduling software makes managing bookings all the more convenient and allows you to focus on other areas of business!

Locate2u’s software allows companies to create custom schedules, to customize reports and calendars, manage client bookings and receive or send reminders on any upcoming appointment.

Through scheduling software, you are given a centralized platform to view any booking or appointment in real time. These appointments can be uploaded through excel or scheduling software APIs.

Once a team member is assigned with a cleaning service destination, you can use GPS tracking to monitor their progress – ensuring your customers get the best service possible.

Advanced booking management for cleaning services

Keeping track of calendars, customers, and pending services can be difficult to do by hand. Not to mention, time consuming!

Your cleaning company can save and maintain a record of all customers and appointments in one place.

Say goodbye to manual admin workload! Using a software solution will reduce time spent organizing your bookings and the potential for human error.

How to attract more clients to your cleaning business?

Cleaning businesses are relevant to many demographics! Here are some methods to make your business stand out against competitors:


Marketing is essential to build a network of clients for any industry. Promoting your service through relevant forms for example online through social media, or ads on Google will attract more audiences to your business.

Building relationships with clients

Clients are the most important stakeholder of any business. To build a long term, positive relationship with your clients, it’s important to provide them with good cleaning services and an easy method for appointment scheduling. Listening to and implementing changes according to customer feedback is also important. This will help create a positive reputation for your business among current and potential future clients.

Advanced technology

Another method to give cleaning businesses a leg up against competitors is by using advanced field management software. This type of software provide many services such as appointment confirmation, reminders and calendar systems, which benefit both the customer and business in reliable planning and easy to make online bookings.

Field management software can also provide live GPS tracking and route optimization – which means both the management team and customers can receive updates on deliveries with ease!

Advantages of appointment scheduling software for cleaning businesses

Outlined below are some of the MANY advantages scheduling software can give to your cleaning business!

Increases productivity

Manual bookings can be so time consuming and difficult to maintain. Plus, they are prone to human error – which then takes extra hours to modify and fix.

Automating your booking and scheduling process means you can free up admin time, with all appointments being computerised and easy to adjust. 

Which means your team take on more bookings and increase overall productivity!

Efficient communication

For both customers and management, communication is made much easier through online bookings. It saves time on phone calls and back and forth emails, by allowing both parties to make changes online and efficiently communicate to the other.

The time taken to edit or change appointment times can be reduced to minutes!

Software benefits

By using software for scheduling appointments, you can also access all the other benefits provided by such software. These include better visibility, improved communication, boosted productivity and better customer service.

Locate2u is a delivery and field management service that offers many features like route optimization and GPS tracking.

Locate2u GPS tracking
Locate2u GPS tracking

An online booking system tailored to your needs

Software for cleaning can provide your team and customers with a custom experience.

No need to rely on a desktop – you can even access all features when you’re away from the office, through Locate2u’s mobile app!

You can import and export from your current booking forms – so if your company uses WordPress, Xero or Shopify, you can integrate them onto scheduling software online. This means your website can take bookings directly into Locate2u and alert your fleet on a new task.

How can Locate2u’s business software improve your cleaning service business?

Locate2u provides advanced software tools to automate and enhance your cleaning service business’ booking management.

 Locate2u provides methods allowing you to:

  • Change, edit, and add multiple bookings 
  • Optimize routes for drivers
  • Smooth fleet management
  • Automate bookings in your preferred forms like APIs or CSV files directly from excel

You can even access all your data regarding appointments, customers, and payments through our mobile app.

Enhance online bookings through route optimization

Route optimization is yet another feature that can boost your cleaning business to the top!

Through an efficient booking system, your company will be managing several appointments a day. Using route optimization will allow you to find the best route for your fleet to reach the many destinations on their schedule.

What is route optimization?

Route optimization is the process of using advanced software and GPS systems to determine the most cost, time and fuel efficient pathway for a vehicle to reach its destination.

For a cleaning business, your company can keep track of all vehicles and appointments. You can monitor the time taken on a job, your payments and invoices, and even alert customers with a reminder and live location of their booking.

Scheduling software’s benefit to customers

For customers but new and recurring, you can create an experience suited to their needs.

A tracking link is sent to all customers via SMS once their appointments have received confirmation. You can customize this online to display your company logo – helping you with your branding and marketing!

Service scheduling is easier as clients can access Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs) and adjust or schedule service times as required.

Our GPS tracking system gives customers access to the real time location of your cleaners so they can have full transparency of the service. .  

Upselling to new or recurring customers is also much easier! Through automated online tools, you can offer your client any additional customizations or bonus features.

Customers can also rate their experience and provide feedback easily.

Locate2u delivery management software
Locate2u delivery management software

How to use customer reviews to improve your cleaning business

Customer reviews provide an opportunity to see how a customer views your service. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, the user can rate their service experience through an automated SMS.

They can also provide additional feedback through an easy to follow link. 

You can then alter and customize your cleaning services as per the client’s needs!

Listening to customer feedback is very important. By listening, your business can build trust and create a stronger customer relationship. This will boost your business’ customer loyalty and customer retention rate. By listening to and implementing feedback, your company will also improve its overall operational efficiency!

Learn more about Locate2u’s advanced booking management for cleaning services and pricing on our website – or contact us for a demo!

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