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A recent study has shown that 82.4% of consumers want to track their delivery in real-time. You can improve your customers’ experience by keeping them as involved as possible.

Before real-time tracking was an option, the only way for customers to find out how much longer they had to wait for their delivery was to call the business. The head office would then call all the drivers until they found the right one, get a rough estimate from them, and then call back the customer to let them know. 

Usually at this point, at least half an hour had passed and the customer was already bitter about the wait and delayed response to what should be a simple question.

Don’t leave customers disappointed when they call to find the location of their driver. 

With Delivery Management Software, you can send them a live tracking link that updates throughout the driver’s journey so they can monitor their delivery from its departure to arrival. This way, they never have to wonder about the status of their order.

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Better Visibility Means More Accurate ETAs

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This tracking link will also increase the accuracy of the ETA’s your customers receive. This extra visibility, and constantly updating arrival time, makes life easier for a customer. Instead of needing to plan their entire day around a delivery that could arrive anywhere between 7am and 7pm, they can see exactly where the driver is and when they will arrive. This ensures your customer won’t miss their delivery window, resulting in a better experience.

Easy-to-Use For Everyone Involved

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With the vast majority of consumers wanting to track their deliveries in real time, it would be foolish not to give your customers the visibility they demand. 

Previously companies might have pushed back because these systems were inaccurate or difficult to use, or hard to implement as a small or growing business. However, these concerns are now a thing of the past.

This technology is easy to implement into your business and doesn’t have to be expensive either. More importantly, it’s easy for your customers, as you simply can send an SMS with the tracking link.

Live Location Tracking

Improve Your Customers’ Delivery Experience

Locate2u provides businesses like yours with the visibility they need to keep their customers happy.

If you’d like to learn more about how visibility can improve your customers’ delivery experience, you can download a report here.

If you’d like to see how Locate2u can help your business, book a free live demo here.

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