3 Ways To Keep Up With Consumer Demand

keeping customer demand

Today, delivery is all about adapting to shifting consumer behaviour and the rapid pace of delivery. Delivery based businesses all want to improve their efficiency to keep up with other competitors and make their customers happy. 

But how do you achieve this? 

It’s quite simple really. Delivery Management Software is the perfect solution for all businesses, small or large, wanting to boost their team’s performance. 

Delivery Management Software optimises your routes, arranges your bookings, gives you access to real-time tracking and proof of delivery

optimise route with delivery management

1. Optimise Routes

optimise routes

Manually planning your routes is one of the main obstacles hindering time-effective deliveries. You must consider driver schedules, vehicle capacity drop-off and pick-up points, size of package and if it’s a priority. 

It’s a lot. 

Adding in last minute stops is another hassle that can throw off your driver’s schedule. That’s where route optimisation comes in. Imagine having all your routes optimised and ready fpr your drivers in just seconds. Delivery Management Software can do this for you. This means you can spend more time on more important parts of your business. 

2. Know Where Your Drivers Are 

locate driver

Not knowing where your drivers are can lead to a lot of complications that negatively impact your business’ productivity. If a customer calls wanting to know where their package is and how long it’ll take, you have to leave them there while you chase your drivers, trying to learn their status. Delivery Management Software provides you with real-time tracking, allowing you to see the whereabouts of your team members from start to finish. This assures you that each delivery is being successfully completed and any issues can be accounted for. 

3. Give Your Customers A Voice 

customer experience

Your customers are your greatest resource which is why their feedback must be taken onboard. Delivery Management Software lets your customers rate their experience so you know how they felt about the service and if any improvements can be made. If your customer encounters extended delays, missing packages or poor service, you get to know first. This allows you to correct any errors so that they don’t happen again, preventing any negative reviews being published online. Giving your customers a voice is what will help increase your business’ efficiency

improving business efficiency

Improve Efficiency With Locate2u 

Locate2u is the quality Delivery Management Software your business needs. You can have optimised routes built in seconds not hours and see your drivers location whenever and wherever (yes, that was a Shakira moment). You can also access your customers’ feedback so you can fix any errors in your service. 

Learn more about Locate2u by clicking here!

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