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Launch a 12 minute pizza delivery business

Launch a 12 minute pizza delivery business
Launch a 12 minute pizza delivery business

Written by CEO Steve Orenstein

Imagine ordering a Pizza and having it delivered (piping hot) in 12 minutes. Muncho, a business that launched in 2021 in Philadelphia, is doing exactly this.

So how is this even possible?! 🤯

What Muncho is doing is just the beginning of what I think will be happening in the future across a range of different industries. 

And that is, holding stock/products in a local micro warehouse, or holding stock in vehicles that are close to the customer, which allows the items to be delivered at speed. 

Whilst I’m not aware of the intimate details of Muncho’s business model, here are the steps I would take to launch a 12-minute pizza delivery business.

Step 1: Set up your website

Firstly, you’ll need to set up a website to receive orders, and only accept orders when you are actually operating. This would involve using a tool where customers can select a date and time window for delivery, which you determine.

Then you’ll need to be able to select a delivery area where you can provide the service. Obviously, you won’t be able to offer 12-minute delivery across the country, so you’ll need to limit it to a certain number of suburbs/cities where you’ll be able to deliver on your 12-minute promise. You’ll then need to restrict the number of orders you can receive in a particular time window.

These controls will be critical in being able to manage demand, if demand goes too high you won’t be able to deliver which will result in customers having a bad experience. 

So you may be wondering if there is a tool you can use to make this all possible. Well of course! Using Local Delivery (an app we own) you can set up all of these options on your ecommerce store using Shopify. You can watch the video below for more information. 

Step two: Deliver the pizza!

As the bookings roll in you’ll be able to assign a time window for delivery, making sure the bookings can be delivered as promised. A route optimization engine will allow you to efficiently order the bookings in the fastest route, according to their order time. 

Step three: Pizza en route

You’ll want to make sure that your customers know when their order is arriving. This is where a live tracking link would be a great addition to make sure your customers can see their piping hot Pizza arriving. 

We of course do this, as well as route optimization, in Locate2u, you can see an example below of how we would set this up if Muncho was using Locate2u.

Muncho Locate2u tracking

Step four: Get Social

The final touch is showing a general tracking link of where the delivery van is on any given day. You can share this link each day on socials, allowing customers to see if you are in the area, and may result in an order when you are closer to their home.

One of our clients Husk Bakery does this really well, you can see how they share their tracking link on Facebook.

I remember when I was a kid the ice cream truck would come down your street, and you would hear the music playing. I would run to my parents to convince them it was a great idea to buy ice cream, then I would grab the money and run outside to buy them. 

On many occasions, I would miss the truck because I wasn’t fast enough. The worst experience in the world! Having a tracking link would have solved this problem 100%. Who would have thought years later I would have solved this problem with the building of Locate2u?

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Marketing Coordinator at Locate2u having completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in English Literature and Creative Writing. I have extensive experience in editing and proofreading, as well as creating content for a range of audiences.

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