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What is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking is the monitoring of a geographical location via Global Positioning System to track an object (vehicle, person, equipment etc.). GPS tracking devices are positioned alongside a GPS receiver and are able to transmit or record its location. 

This data can be passed on over 4G cellular network or GSM close to real time, or even recorded to internal memory for later use. 

What is GPS vehicle tracking? 

GPS vehicle tracking devices are installed into the control system of your vehicle’s engine so you can access additional information. 

The information gathered by these devices comprise of:

  • Harsh braking
  • Fuel consumption
  • Hash acceleration
  • Engine speed
gps tracking software

What is GPS fleet tracking? 

The most essential part of fleet management software are GPS tracking systems. Tracking devices for vehicles allow fleet managers to see the exact location of their drivers and vehicles.

Functions like route replay and geofencing are especially advantageous for fleet managers so they can keep their drivers accountable and vehicles safe. 

gps fleet tracking

The benefits of GPS tracking

Better security 

Theft is a problem that any driver can encounter with the ability to negatively impact your business’ finances. The solution to this is GPS tracking. 

Knowing the exact location of your vehicles and assets makes the recovery process a lot easier and eliminates any lengthy insurance claims. No need to purchase another vehicle or replace stolen products. 

GPS tracking is also just a great way for fleet managers to have peace of mind that their drivers are where they need to be, with all the information in one place. 

Reduced fuel consumption 

One of the largest expenses delivery businesses face are fuel costs. Drivers who excessively idle in traffic, speed and drive dangerously are major contributors to fuel consumption. This waste of fuel and money can impact your business’ profitability. 

With GPS tracking you can identify where the majority of your spending goes and which driver needs extra training. 

Whether you have one vehicle or an entire fleet, it’s always great to search for alternatives to cut down costs and make your business more efficient. GPS tracking is what you need!

Minimised timesheet fraud 

It’s not uncommon to take a longer lunch or show up to a site a few minutes late. Using a GPS device keeps your team accountable by showing you what time they’ve entered and left a site. 

Seeing the accurate start and finish times makes it easier to maintain labour costs and reduce the potential for timesheet fraud. 

Kiss manual planning goodbye and speed up your business’ efficiency with GPS tracking!

Happy customers

Happy customers are what builds your business’ reputation which is why a majority of fleet managers and business owners should be finding methods to improve their overall experience. 

GPS trackers increase ETA accuracy so customers are aware of when their order will arrive and if there are any delays. You can also share a live tracking link with your customers so you can build trust and keep them a part of the delivery process. 

Improved driver safety

Maintaining driver safety is essential for business owners and fleet managers. This objective can be achieved by tracking your driver’s live location. 

Dangerous driving could result in a horrific accident where the driver could be severely injured. Catching onto this behaviour and providing extra training will minimise the potential for fatal vehicle accidents. 

GPS tracking ensures your company vehicles and drivers are completing deliveries safely and productively. 

Curbside Delivery – A Win-Win for Shoppers and Retailers

Track your fleet with Locate2u 

If you’re wanting to know where to purchase the most reliable GPS tracking devices then Locate2u can help!

Locate2u is a fleet management software that offers a range of GPS devices that provides you with live tracking, route replay and geofencing so your drivers and vehicles are always accounted for.

Check out the range here and see what type of device best suits your requirements. 

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