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Same-day delivery in as little as an hour: Home Depot Partners with Instacart

Same-day delivery in as little as an hour: Home Depot Partners with Instacart
Same-day delivery in as little as an hour: Home Depot Partners with Instacart

Instacart (Nasdaq: CART), one of North America’s leading grocery technology companies, and The Home Depot (NYSE: HD), the world’s largest home improvement retailer, have launched a nationwide partnership to provide same-day delivery in as little as an hour from nearly 2,000 stores. 

Customers can now use Instacart’s platform to order various home improvement items – from garden essentials and building supplies to light fixtures – and quickly have them delivered to their doorstep.

A competitive edge for The Home Depot? This partnership provides a competitive edge in the retail market by offering faster delivery options compared to other home improvement retailers.

Convenient shopping experience 

The Home Depot’s Jordan Broggi, president for Online says: “By supplementing our existing same-day and next-day delivery options on homedepot.com with Instacart’s fast and convenient shopper experience, we’re increasing flexibility for our customers to meet them no matter how they choose to shop.” 

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Blake Wallace, senior director of Retail Partnerships at Instacart, announced that they are excited to expand their partnership with The Home Depot. He said the collaboration enhances The Home Depot’s e-commerce capabilities and simplifies access to essential home improvement products, enabling delivery in as fast as an hour.

Delivery partnerships 

Here’s a scenario: A busy working mom realizes she needs a new vacuum cleaner and gardening tools for her weekend project. She opens the Instacart app, selects her items from The Home Depot, and places her order. 

Within an hour, the delivery arrives at her doorstep, allowing her to continue her day without the hassle of a store visit. 

Last month, Retail chain Kohl’s teamed up with Instacart, now featuring on the Instacart app. With Kohl’s and Instacart joining forces, nearly 109 million US households now enjoy same-day delivery from one of its 1,172 stores in under an hour. 

US e-commerce market

In its latest market watch report, Asendia shows revenue growth continues in the US e-commerce market. 

The report finds US consumers are familiar with online shopping and trust their delivery services. America’s advanced delivery market and strong internet connectivity give e-commerce brands a great chance to reach a large, high-spending audience.

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Photo Credit: Instacart

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