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Kohl’s taps Instacart for quick delivery

Kohl’s taps Instacart for quick delivery
Kohl’s taps Instacart for quick delivery

Retail chain Kohl’s has announced it’s now featured on the Instacart app. With Kohl’s and Instacart joining forces, nearly 109 million US. households can now enjoy same-day delivery from one of its 1,172 stores in under an hour. 

Kohl’s has partnered exclusively with Instacart to offer quick same-day and scheduled deliveries. Customers can conveniently shop on Instacart. They will be able to enjoy the same prices as in-store.

Shoppers can access a broad selection of products like stylish accessories, home essentials, premium skincare, beauty products, and pet supplies. 

Fast delivery matters 

In November, Instacart teamed up with Camping World, the world’s largest recreational vehicle dealer, to offer same-day deliveries from over 185 Camping World stores in the US. 

In recent months, the parcel delivery space has been ablaze with innovation. The concept of same-day delivery has helped carriers achieve instant gratification with customers. This delivery option allows customers to receive their products quickly, addressing immediate needs and providing instant satisfaction.

It also makes online shopping as convenient as in-store purchasing, particularly for urgent or essential items. Earlier this year, Walmart rolled out on-demand early morning delivery. This new service allows customers to receive packages on their doorstep as they begin their day. 

Here’s a scenario: A customer needs an item delivered on the same day, but a particular online store only offers next-day delivery. The shopper will be forced to abandon their shopping experience and seek another online store to fulfill their urgent need. Same-day delivery may make customers feel like they are getting the item immediately. 

This popular delivery option takes the brand experience just that much further in keeping a customer. Delivering same-day means a customer may trust a brand more, come to know the brand as reliable, and see its approach as being customer-focused. 

Mastering the art of convenience 

Companies have to stand out from the competition when it comes to delivering items fast. Last month, Amazon announced it was bringing drone delivery to Arizona. The company has shown that deliveries within 60 minutes are possible. 

In a report on how delivery impacts your business, Meteor Space, a contract warehousing and fulfillment company, says: “People in today’s day and age do not want to wait days or weeks to receive their order. They want quick and speedy delivery service. Amazon Prime is an excellent example of what people want.”

Online food delivery market 

Grand View Research reports the online food delivery market has grown due to the increasing number of restaurants worldwide. Another reason for the growth is technology. “Consumers now have access to various applications, including online food delivery services, with improved network connectivity and an increase in the number of smartphones.” 

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Photo Credit: Instacart (Facebook)

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