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Varamis Rail launches zero-emission freight service in London

Varamis Rail launches zero-emission freight service in London
Varamis Rail launches zero-emission freight service in London

Varamis Rail has announced the launch of a zero-emission freight service in London. This will allow goods to be delivered by electric trains in the city. 

Varamis Rail’s fast logistics service to central London provides faster and more efficient deliveries than existing options. It will also be at a lower cost than current methods. The freight service will also directly reduce the carbon footprint of UK businesses.

The topic of sustainability is gaining momentum. Companies in the UK and worldwide are taking note of doing business sustainably. In January, New York mayor Eric Adams announced that his administration is in talks with New York City to establish a department of sustainable delivery. The topic of sustainability is gaining momentum. 

Zero-emission freight service by rail 

Varamis Rail, the UK’s pioneer in high-speed, zero-emission rail logistics, has been revolutionizing the sector. Awarded a ‘first-of-a-kind’ grant by Innovate UK in September 2022, with support from the department for transport, the company has been enhancing its rail operations. 

This funding helped attract customers new to rail’s potential. Varamis Rail has been operating high-speed freight services between the Midlands and Scotland. They are now introducing their zero-emission freight service to central London, offering an innovative way to distribute goods via electric trains directly into the city’s core.

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Transport sector in the UK 

Phil Read, MD, Varamis Rail, says:Varamis Rail continues to promote the sustainable benefits that the UK rail industry has to offer the logistics sector and wider economy.”

The MD adds that the transport sector in the UK remains the largest emitter of CO2. “If the UK government target of net-zero emissions by 2050 is to be met, then ambitious, carbon-free initiatives like Varamis Rail service offering are not just desirable, they are essential,” he says. 

Urban logistics 

Maggie Simpson, CEO at Rail Freight Group, says cultivating a sustainable future for urban logistics demands innovative solutions that play a pivotal role in rail freight in reshaping the transport landscape of central London. 

“As we forge ahead, collaboration between rail and logistics industry stakeholders remains paramount in realizing the vision of a greener, more efficient urban freight network with rail at the center,” says Simpson. 

Sustainable delivery in London 

Last month, FedEx Express UK introduced a new e-cargo model into its fleet, which will work alongside its vehicle fleet for delivery. This e-cargo deployment comes as FedEx grows its e-cargo fleet in London. FedEx operates 34 e-cargo bikes in the UK. 

In November, Parcel delivery company DPD opened a new $49 million eco-regional sortation center in East London. The half-kilometer-long conveyor system automatically sorts all intra-London parcels for next-day delivery on-site. This initiative minimizes the carbon footprint of trucks transporting parcels to the Midlands and back for sorting. 

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