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DHL expands parcel delivery offering in Sweden

DHL expands parcel delivery offering in Sweden
DHL expands parcel delivery offering in Sweden

DHL is set to significantly increase its out-of-home delivery capabilities in Sweden by adding about 1,000 new parcel lockers in 2024. This expansion, primarily targeting metropolitan areas, will be achieved through the white-label solution provided by their partner, iBoxen. 

Parcel carriers are taking to the innovation of parcel lockers. In the US, Harbor Locker has launched an on-demand locker marketplace that will be available nationally in North America. The company is positioning itself to grow the sector to 25,000 in 2025. The goal is to improve retail, customer engagement, and experience. This is the first time brands can access a public locker network to help scale their business.  

Parcel lockers offer flexibility 

Logistics providers are looking at customer satisfaction more and more in an effort to stay ahead of the curve. In the UK, retail company Aldi is trialing parcel lockers outside its stores. But parcel lockers are not just about keeping retail shoppers happy. It’s about creating the ultimate convenience in picking up your parcel whenever you want to.  

Here’s a scenario: A legal professional travels most of the month for business. His mail delivery often gets confused with another legal firm in his office building. To avoid more mixups, he decides to have items delivered to a parcel locker. This way, parcels remain secure and he can collect them in his own time. 

Robert Zander, DHL CEO Freight Sweden & Nordics says e-commerce is constantly evolving, and the company is evolving with it. “The introduction of a significant number of parcel lockers marks the first step in our efforts to enhance accessibility and provide a stronger offering to e-retailers and consumers,” says Zander.

Evolving consumer preferences

DHL says the trend of online shopping remains strong. “The number of shipments and online shoppers continues to grow. This is supported by the Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises’ Parcel Index, which reports a nearly 9% increase in parcel volume in 2023.” 

Looking at Sweden, DHL highlights there is a growing demand for different delivery options, with an increase in preference for parcel lockers. “The evolving consumer preferences and requirements encompass various factors such as flexibility, price, service level, availability, and sustainability.” 

In February, the logistics giant released a report shining the spotlight on e-commerce trends for the year. DHL stated there is more emphasis on greater speed and quality. 

The company’s report states: “2023 was marked for online merchants as a year with cost, reliability, and speed as the top three priorities. However, there is a noticeable shift occurring where quality and speed are gaining prominence over cost. This shift can be attributed to online merchants looking to expand their businesses this year and their increased focus on time-definite delivery options.” 

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