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Evermile and Tide partner for deliveries in the UK

Evermile and Tide partner for deliveries in the UK
Evermile and Tide partner for deliveries in the UK

Delivery platform Evermile and Tide have announced a new partnership to enhance delivery management for companies in the UK, Supply Chain IT reports. 

Now, merchants that use Evermile and Tide platforms simultaneously can take hold of their operations by tracking overheads while also optimizing delivery options and finding the right partner based on price and availability.  

Evermile automates deliveries with AI 

Evermile has an existing partnership with over 400 businesses in the UK. It helps companies automate deliveries using artificial intelligence (AI). The platform was built by Omer Goldschmidt, Omry Hochberg, and Ynon Cohen. The company was founded to help make local deliveries more cost-effective for small businesses. 

The company offers solutions to flower shops, bakeries and delis, pharmacies, and law firms. 

Omer Goldschmidt, Evermile’s co-founder and CEO, says local delivery is necessary for local businesses. Yet, a challenge is presented without the right tools and logistics know-how. 

“Our partnership with Tide is the first step in a long-term journey of two companies committed to fuelling the growth of smaller, independent businesses. We’re giving them the opportunity to unlock their full growth potential and leverage tech like never before,” he says. 

Tide helps business become finance-savvy 

Founded in 2015, Tide provides business current accounts and smart financial administrative services to over 500,000 small business owners. It does this through its mobile platform. 

Chloe Wilson, Partnerships Lead at Tide, says the company is familiar with the daily hurdles small business owners encounter, especially when managing their finances. “In today’s market, managing delivery costs has become a critical concern for many businesses,” she says. 

“This partnership with Evermile is a natural extension of our dedication to deliver solutions that ease the financial burdens of our members. It’s a positive move towards giving them more control and financial flexibility.”

Helping brands stay unique

In October 2023, Evermile Uber Direct announced a partnership to help businesses address customer expectations regarding express delivery. The partnership sees UK merchants offer fast delivery and keep their brand’s uniqueness.

In 2019, Tide committed to supporting women in opening and running their businesses, and the company set the target of supporting 100,000 new female-led businesses by the end of 2023.

Delivery market in the UK 

Express Market Research reports that the United Kingdom Courier, Express, and Parcel market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7% in the next eight years – some good growth. 

“Rising demand for fast and convenient delivery options have shifted the focus of courier, express, and parcel service providing companies towards exploring alternative delivery methods and enhancement of last mile logistics, aiding the United Kingdom courier, express, and parcel (CEP) market growth,” read the report. 

Parcel deliveries the sustainable way 

In the parcel, courier, and express space, companies are implementing electric low-emission vehicles to help the environment. 

In September 2023, FedEx Express Europe introduced 23 electric vehicles into its UK fleet. The company has been committed to sustainable measures for some time. In March 2021, it set a goal to have 50% of all new parcel pickups and delivery vehicles be electric by 2025. 

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