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Delta Cargo launches solution for e-commerce shippers

Delta Cargo launches solution for e-commerce shippers
Delta Cargo launches solution for e-commerce shippers

Delta Cargo in collaboration with SmartKargo have launched DeliverDirect for e-commerce. This is a door-to-door delivery service for customers in the US. The new offering is ideal for retailers looking to optimize their direct-to-customer shipping. The service can also be tailored to the shipper’s needs. 

The solution offers fast delivery, from warehouse pickup to the customer’s doorstep. “Small package shippers will benefit from increased shipping speeds, an uncomplicated pricing structure, proactive alert management, transparent tracking and reporting, and access to Delta’s vast domestic network,” Delta released in a statement. 

Alison Ricker, managing director, Delta Cargo Global Sales says, “Through our strategic collaboration with SmartKargo, DeliverDirect gives e-tailers an alternative transportation solution that fits their customers’ requirements, and we envision that this service will prove to be a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution.” 

Delivery features for e-commerce 

The new service has some innovative features to meet customer’s unique needs: 

  • Personalized pick-up times. 
  • Multiple delivery attempts. 
  • Signature-required deliveries.
  • Proof of delivery with photographs.
  • Advanced reporting features to align with customer’s needs. 

SmartKargo gets in on speedy delivery  

The company partners with US domestic airlines to offer over 2,500 daily flights to move packages quickly. Its solution provides two-day and next-day small package transportation options that e-commerce companies and small package shippers can rely on. 

Milind Tavshikar, CEO and founder of SmartKargo says, “E-commerce shippers are looking for simple, faster and more reliable alternatives to deliver their products to consumers. Delta Cargo has a vision for small package delivery that will transform the U.S. market and continue to diversify their already robust offering in the air cargo market. Their innovative approach makes them a fantastic partner for SmartKargo, and we look forward to growing this service together.”

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In October 2023, SmartKargo teamed up with Walmart GoLocal to expand next-to-two day delivery capabilities.

E-commerce market in North America 

E-commerce is taking the world by storm. In North America, on-demand parcel locker company Harbor Locker is moving with the trend. 

The company announced in January that its on-demand locker marketplace will be available nationally in North America. The company is positioning itself to grow the sector to 25,000 in 2025. The goal is to improve retail, customer engagement, and experience. This is the first time brands can access a public locker network to help scale their business.  

In September 2023, Harbor Locker launched its solution called Harbor Connect. The initiative helps improve efficiencies and provide alternative drop-off, storage, and pick-up services at scale. It currently has over 9,000 lockers in its network. 

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