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‘Green’ e-commerce in France and Switzerland: Asendia market watch

‘Green’ e-commerce in France and Switzerland: Asendia market watch
‘Green’ e-commerce in France and Switzerland: Asendia market watch

Asendia’s latest e-commerce market watch 2024 shows convenience and sustainability matters, while in France, the industry enjoys low industrial tariffs. Both economies are major performers in Europe. 

In this article series, Locate2u brings you part three – findings for the French and Swiss e-commerce market. 

How are sustainable delivery options influencing consumer perceptions and the growth of ethical brands in France? 

The report finds French consumers are looking for more responsible shopping options, with 70% of e-shoppers viewing e-tailers more positively if they offer sustainable delivery. This trend is highlighted by a fairtrade milk brand, which launched in 2016 and has since become the top-selling milk brand in France, showing the fast growth potential for brands offering ethical services.

Rapid growth in French e-commerce market 

Bénédicte Denni, Senior e-PAQ Product Manager at Asendia, discusses the exciting sustainability opportunities in France’s growing e-commerce market. Denni emphasizes that retailers that can meet the expectations of French shoppers can benefit from the market’s rapid growth.

Key insights for the French market: 

  • 78% of shoppers prefer home delivery. 
  • 63% of French shoppers buy online for the best price
  • 61% prefer delivery by La Poste

How are the online habits and preferences of French shoppers creating opportunities for e-tailers? “French shoppers are spending more time online than any other European shoppers, they’ve got money to spend and are big fans of social commerce. For e-tailers who can provide the time-saving services and product accessibility French shoppers expect, there is huge potential,” reads the report. 

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Purchasing power of Swiss consumers 

Switzerland’s low customs duties make it an attractive and competitive e-commerce destination.

Thomas Haumueller, senior product manager at Asendia, shares his insights on the Swiss e-commerce market. He highlights Swiss consumers have high purchasing power, and the stable economy, favorable exchange rates, and quality-focused market offer great opportunities for e-commerce businesses.

What challenges do e-tailers face in keeping up with import regulations and VAT rates in Switzerland? Haumueller finds E-tailers must stay updated on changing import regulations and VAT rates in Switzerland. This means keeping up with Swiss laws, updating their systems, informing customers about price changes, and providing good return options.

Key insights for the Swiss market: 

  • 97% of Swiss shoppers pay with card, bank transfer, or e-wallets.
  • 49% of shoppers use Click & Collect to save on shipping.
  • 40% prefer home delivery. 
  • 33% of Swiss shoppers are willing to pay extra for sustainability.

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