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Western Australia expands electric vehicle network into Kalgoorlie

Western Australia expands EV network into Kalgoorlie
Western Australia expands EV network into Kalgoorlie

The city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder joined the Western Australian electric vehicle (EV) network, Australasian Transport News reports. This development is thanks to the inauguration of a new 150kW fast charger, accompanied by a 22kW backup charger. Synergy, an Australian energy company, facilitated this advancement in collaboration with the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

The Western Australian EV network has achieved a new milestone with the completion of 27 charging stations, including those in Merredin, Southern Cross, and Coolgardie. Up next, Margaret River is set to be the location for the network’s forthcoming charging station.

According to the EY Mobility Consumer Index 2023, one of the top three reasons holding drivers back from buying EVs is a lack of charging stations.

Electric vehicles for sustainable travel  

Australia has been hard at work with its EV initiatives. In November, the New South Wales government announced the rollout of 50 EV chargers at transport hubs in Sydney. 

On the business side, In January Uber partnered with Kia Australia to provide complimentary fully electric rides to and from the Melbourne tennis precinct. Now Kalgoorlie-Boulder has stepped into the game. 

Western Australia’s energy minister Reece Whitby says:  “The opening of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder EV charger is an exciting milestone in the rollout of the WA EV network.” 

The Western Australian government’s $21 million investment in the EV network underscores its dedication to fostering sustainable travel and diminishing the state’s carbon footprint. Once completed, the network will boast 49 EV charging stations strategically distributed across the state, with an average distance of less than 200km between them.

According to the Western Australian government, an EV charger connected to its primary energy grid, the South West Interconnected System, is expected to produce approximately 30% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional petrol vehicles. The completion of this network is anticipated by mid-2024.

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Rental EVs

In a separate announcement, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has allocated $4.76 million from the Driving the Nation Program to support the ‘Electric Rental Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Rollout’ initiative by Europcar Mobility Group. 

The $110.6 million project involves Europcar installing 256 chargers at a minimum of 41 locations throughout Australia, encompassing both urban centers and regional areas. Additionally, the project aims to motivate airports to integrate EVs into their parking strategies, grid connections, and operational plans.

This initiative is set to facilitate the deployment of approximately 3,100 rental EVs over the coming three years. It aims to enhance the accessibility and appeal of EVs to a wide range of customers, including individuals and businesses, offering rental rates on par with conventional fossil-fuel vehicles. By increasing the availability and diversity of EV models, the project is expected to drive more competitive purchase prices, thereby encouraging wider adoption.

Electric vehicle market in Australia 

Mordor Intelligence reports the Australian electric vehicle market is expected to grow at an annual compound growth rate of 33.06% in the next five years. 

“New South Wales and Victoria are home to the majority of Australia’s electric vehicles, followed by the South Australia region. These states play a key role in the growth of the Australian electric vehicle market, with the majority of demand being supported by government initiatives and supportive charging infrastructure,” reads the report. 

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