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Sparqle secures $1.3m investment for delivery platform expansion

Sparqle secures $1.3m investment for sustainable delivery platform expansion
Sparqle secures $1.3m investment for sustainable delivery platform expansion

Amsterdam-based sustainable delivery platform Sparqle has secured € 1.2 million (US$1.3) in an investment funding round. The round of funding “backed by notable entities, including the former Managing director of Deliveroo EU, former CTO of Just Eat Takeaway, and Bloomon founder, and Graduate Entrepreneur Fund. 

The company’s platform offers integration solutions for e-commerce brands and retailers – all with sustainability in mind. It has a fleet of e-cargo bikes and electric vehicles (EVs) to assist in route optimization. 

Greener solutions in delivery 

Sparqle was founded by Ruurd Tjeerdema, Tim van Alphen, and Maurice Stam. 

Ruurd Tjeerdema, co-founder of Sparqle says: “The logistics sector holds untapped potential for innovation, particularly in sustainability and efficiency. This investment propels us forward, allowing us to bring our vision of cleaner, more liveable cities to life. Our approach not only addresses the urgent need for greener solutions but also keeps cost efficiency in focus.”

Tim van Alphen, co-founder of Sparqle adds that as cities move towards emission-free zones, the company’s platform emerges as a solution for businesses aiming to meet sustainability targets without compromising efficiency.

“Our commitment to transparency and sustainability is directly in line with the objectives of the recently enacted Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which mandates comprehensive reporting on environmental impact and CO2 emissions for companies operating within the EU,” says van Alphen. 

The company sustainability reporting is designed to meet these requirements, ensuring that its partners can confidently demonstrate their contribution to sustainable urban logistics. 

Startups blazing a trail in delivery

Sparqle’s recent investment underscores the growing interest in sustainable logistics but also highlights the trend of startups revolutionizing the industry. Alongside other trailblazers like Gently and CDL 1000, Sparkle brings solutions to the sector – shaping the future of last-mile delivery and logistics.

Logistics startup Gently is looking to increase its last-mile delivery solutions to other cities in the US this year. The Santa Monica-based startup started in April 2023. It operates in the greater Los Angeles area in the US and plans to expand its operations to major cities in the US. 

We also say Digital freight specialist CDL 1000 acquired its rival Next Trucking this month. The acquisition positions the business as one of the top three trucking companies in Los Angeles and Long Beach. 

Logistics companies holding tight

Recent reports signal challenges for logistics-tech startups amid a freight slump, reflecting the uncertainty in the industry’s future.

Last month The Wall Street Journal reported logistics-tech startups face an uncertain future as freight slump continues. 

Locate2u interviewed Andrew Smith, senior vice president at Circle Logistics in the US. He gave some insight into the logistics industry currently. Looking at the freight industry, he says: I do expect we will move from being an oversupply-driven market to a demand-driven market, but that doesn’t mean demand is there.” 

On the other hand, the logistics industry has seen some big shifts in recent months. American trucking software Convoy saw its end, but then in came Flexport, logistics and supply chain specialists who acquired Convoy’s technology platform. 

On the back of the business side development, logistics companies and consumers alike are having to contend with the ongoing Red Sea crisis, which has forced shipping companies to re-route vessels in order to get ships safely to destination ports. 

Global logistics market 

Precedence Research reports the global logistics market is estimated to experience good growth in the next six years. One aspect the report highlights is increasing digitization and automation.

“Nowadays, the logistics industry is experiencing a significant shift toward digitization and automation. Logistic companies are increasingly adopting technologies such as the internet of things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine learning, and robotics to streamline operations, improving efficiency and reduce cost. This includes warehouse automation, autonomous vehicles, predictive analysis, and others,” reads the report. 

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