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Industry-first: Chick-fil-A opens new delivery concept with no cashiers

Industry-first: Chick-fil-A opens new delivery concept with no cashiers
Industry-first: Chick-fil-A opens new delivery concept with no cashiers

Chick-fil-A is spreading its wings with a new concept in the delivery space – a restaurant with no cashiers. Customers will pay for their food and drinks with their mobile phones and pick up the order.

The business is also launching another restaurant concept, experimenting with a drive-thru that takes motorists underneath the kitchen. 

The “digital-focused” test concept will open in New York City for now before being rolled out to the rest of the US. But here’s the catch: Customers must be content with a limited menu to simplify the process of having no cashier assisting them. 

The grand opening of the new concept store will be on Thursday (March 21). The drive-thru concept will only be launched later this year. “Chick-fil-A 79th & 2nd will cater to busy New Yorkers by focusing solely on delivery and mobile app ordering for a quick and easy pickup experience.”

How do the mobile-only orders work?

Guests can order ahead for delivery on the Chick-fil-A app or online website, whereby the restaurant will be notified when the customer is on their way. The “cashier-less” process will expedite the process and ensure the meal is ready on time for the customer’s arrival. 

Inside the restaurant, “active status board screens will be designated for delivery or mobile pickup.” Customers and delivery drivers can see their orders in real-time on the screens,” explains the restaurant. 

Once the order is ready, customers or delivery drivers will receive their orders. “While the restaurant will not offer a seating area or dine-in services, Chick-fil-A will be prominent in every step of this digital-focused experience,” it says.

How delivery drivers will benefit

This new concept will not only make the lives of busy customers easier, but it will also help delivery drivers work faster and get more orders out daily. 

Benefits to enhance the delivery experience:

  • Efficiency: Prioritizing delivery orders and streamlining the process save delivery drivers time to complete more orders and increase the company’s delivery rate.

  • Reduce waiting times: With designated pickup areas and orders prepared in advance, finalizing an order will take less time, maximizing earning potential.

  • Customer satisfaction: Timely deliveries result in happier customers. This leads to positive reviews both for the restaurant and delivery company. 

A new digital era of ordering

“The new concept was a strategic decision by Chick-fil-A to meet the growing demand for digital ordering . [We now] offer additional ways to serve customers,” says the franchise. 

The digital initiative aims to survive the on-the-go New Yorkers, create more convenience, and streamline their pickup. 

Helping the customers order “ahead of time” saves time. It also enables chefs to prepare the orders faster “without interrupting their busy schedules.”

“We are always looking for ways to innovate and enhance the [customers’] experience,” says Nathaniel Cates, design lead for Chick-fil-A. “While digital concepts are becoming more prevalent, it’s important that [we]… meet the changing needs of our customers.”

Chick-fil-A drone delivered food

Not too long ago, Chick-fil-A tested another new concept, this time in the sky. With a zero cost linked to the delivery option, drone delivery was made available to Florida residents. 

Customers within a 3km radius can order their takeaways and get them dropped off in their backyard with a drone. 

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